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REVIEW: Friday The 13th: The Game (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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One of the most iconic horror slashers, Jason Voorhees is now in the form of a video game, Friday The 13th: The Game. It was first released in May 2017 digitally only, but become a pretty successful survival horror game, that was online multiplayer only. Now five months later the game is made available worldwide in all gaming retail stores.

When I first heard about a kickstarter to bring Friday The 13th to consoles I was pretty sceptical, but it took some time before it was blatantly obvious that we were getting it for sure. It was originally going to be titled as Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp, but eventually it was changed to just Friday The 13th: The Game.

Now this isn’t like most other online multiplayer games, the odds are somewhat against you. The term for this game is Asymmetric, which means unbalanced gameplay for the fact Jason has the advantage but still the counselors can fight back and even escape with some luck.

I’m a super huge horror fan, i've seen everything horror, from movies to even television shows based on horror, if it has horror it it, i'm there no questions asked and Friday The 13th just so happens to be my second favourite franchise just behind Halloween with Michael Myers. I thought maybe the maps might have similarities but I was stunned on the detail for all the maps you’ll be running through that have been pulled right from some of the films, and there is the many versions of Jason across most films. Only true fans will know who Tommy Jarvis is, and he is only randomly selected out of people who have already died by the hands of Jason.

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The plot to all the movies is Jason going around killing teens and anyone he comes across, the same premise is in the game, you are placed into 1 of the 7 maps, Jarvis House, Packanack, Higgins Haven, Crystal Lake, plus 3 small versions of Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven and Packanack. There are 7 versions of jason from films part 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. To unlock all versions, you’ll need to achieve a high enough player level, which isn’t too hard to do. On the side of counselors, there are 11, a couple are unlocked but as you need to unlock other versions of Jason it's the same with the counselors. Between both Jasons and counselors they'll have stats, Jasons are in the form of strengths and weaknesses, while counselors it’s about how much luck, repair, stamina, speed and composure. Using CP points you’ll earn from playing you can purchase counselor perks that can allow you to do things, but also stop you from doing things.

The minimum number of players before a game can start is 2, and it’s a max of 8. 8 is best as the less counselors there are the easier it is for Jason to find you. The fact that there isn't many ways to escape except the following. Who ever is Jason and for some reason leaves the game, this will give you a win technically. The correct ways of escape is if you find fuel for one of the two cars in the map, then you’ll need to locate the car battery and keys, and believe me these aren't easy finds when you have a huge killer after you. Boat’s another option but don’t forget Jason can get you in the water especially if your swimming in it. Last way is by calling the police, once called you’ll need to wait about 5 minutes before they arrive and they sit just outside the zones that the escape cars can take simply drive or run out and wallah, you have survived.

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Being Jason is likely everyone's favourite option, but believe it or not it won’t happen often. It’s simply the luck of the draw and you’ll know from the start when the opening scene to the match begins. In fact you won't be Jason as much as the counselors, so this just means it’ll take awhile to truly master the controls, abilities and kills on hand with Jason. Jason has a range of kills he can perform. You’ll unlock them with CP’s but you can only have 4 at one time. Also to note, some versions of Jason can run while others cannot.

So it's clear to all those who have never seen any of the films, Jason has the axe, machete and what not, and the teens or counselors have nothing except their legs. In the game however you’ll have a torch but I find this to be a “Hey look at me i'm over here”. Stamina is something you must use efficiently, as some counselors take forever to recover, there is a red bar that represents the stamina around the mini map. You can lay down bear traps for Jason to step into which will buy you a small amount of time to leg it. Other weapons are flare guns, shotguns, pipes, pans and firecrackers. There's also the old fashion hiding under the bed or in the cupboard trick but that doesn’t save you for that long. My favorite part of the game is the brutal death scenes, I don’t enjoy dying in the game but when I watch others die in ways you could only imagine from a crotch shot with an axe, to decapitation there are so many others and there all as cool as the next.

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The main menu doesn’t have much going on, Quick Match, Private Match, How To Play, Customize, Progression, Settings and Credits. Private Match is if you’re just looking to play with friends, Quick Match is playing people around the globe, including friends. Finding a lobby can be a hassle at times, while other times you can find one right away, better yet if it doesn’t find one within a couple of minutes you’ll be lobby leader and others will join you. You’ll want the lowest ping number, grey/white is a good ping, yellow is okay, red is 300+ and can be okay but it just depends on the other people in the lobby.

While running around from Jason you'll need to search for weapons and what’s needed to escape, so cabins and houses are places you’ll need to go inside of by entering via doors or windows. You can lock or barricade doors and that’ll give you XP, attacking Jason, or simply picking up a weapon will give you extra XP also. Once a match has finished you’ll be shown the XP you've earned for that said match. The levelling system is good, it won’t take long to get high in levels. I myself reached level 7 within a day, and incase you want to know how much will you die, well alot is the answer! I literally screamed at my tv from time to time as Jason came popping up out of nowhere, or when you're being chased and trying to jump through a window to get away from Jason I found myself screaming hurry the hell up he's coming goo!! gooo!!!!

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Jason isn’t someone to mess around with either, his height is enough to have you crapping your pants, add the creepy hockey mask, and the fact he can kill you in so many ways. The game runs on the Unreal Engine 4, and for the style of game this is the visuals are reasonable. There is the odd glitch such as missing heads, bouncing dead bodies just to name a couple. Then there is the facial expression issue, as if all counselors were hit with the ugly stick in times of fear where it appears as there eyes are bulging out of their face and mouths as if they are playing a game of Hasbro’s Speak Out, in these moments it's quite comedic. The maps themselves look like the real locations, running through the forests is quite nerve wracking once you hear the musical que to let you know Jason’s around near by. The overall musical score is just like the movies but it’s worse in the sense it gets your heart rate up, and at times I was on edge. When Jason is near you’ll hear the taa taa taa tss tss tsss sound that all fans of Friday The 13th will absolutely love. The HUD whilst alive is nothing except the minimap, nothing else until you die, once you've being killed the HUD can be turned off or on whilst on it’ll show controls to change to spectator mode to watch others attempt at escape or falling short to the hands of Jason.

Now I love my horror, and I thought maybe this wasn’t as good of a game as id hope for so I never brought it, but after playing it I loved the play style, the chance to playing as Jason Vorhees every match was a thrill in itself, but It only happened a handful of times. It’s going to cost you $50 something bucks on either PS4 or Xbox One, so it depends if you want to treat yourself, but if survival horror is your jam, then I say come join the world of Friday The 13th.

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  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Gun Media, IllFonic
  • Publisher: Gun Media
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Action