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REVIEW: CODumentary (Movie)

Written by Brett Hale
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Here is a feature length documentary that runs for roughly 90 minutes, it goes into detail of the origins of Call of Duty the series since the very first game back in 2003, the doco also shows the highs and lows of the game when hit fame with the release of Modern Warfare.

CODumentary was written, directed and also produced by the same person, Jonathan Beales. The doco was filmed over many continents including the UK & USA. An iconic location of filming had to be the real-life D-Day beaches! This feature doco is an insight of the past 15 years from developers, E-sport players and just fans of the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty these days is somewhat declining, there are bigger and better games of the same genre for FPS in the modern and WW2 era and this is expressed in the doco. I myself wouldn’t call myself a die-hard COD fan, but I did enjoy parts of the doco.

CODumentary was made over a five-year time frame, quite long I think for what was included in the doco. A quote from Jonathan Beales I found rather spot on was when he said, “All though his documentary was centered around the video games, the story is always about the human input” to go one with another quote from him “The rich experiences of making games, playing them or even going to game launches will always remain the center stage”.

Whether you're new to COD or a die-hard fan, it is interesting to learn the history of the franchise and what goes on behind the scenes. Even for those who have fallen off the COD wagon or perhaps even detest the game, it is still worth the watch. CODumentary will be made available on Blu Ray, DVD and in a digital format on google store, iTunes, steam and other places online.

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