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REVIEW: Grizzly Grips - Drop Bear Gaming Gear (Xbox/Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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I’m not one to really use gaming accessories, other than my Kontrol Freek stick extender/grips, but for as long as I can remember, different companies all seem to have their own ideas on what gamers need to be more comfortable while gaming or just looking to have an advantage over their competition with things like stick extenders, modded controllers and grips for both sticks and the controllers themselves.

Now, i’ll support any product as long as it’s the product it says it is, and of course the quality has to be there as well. There are plenty of big companies that make and export gaming accessories, but I don’t mind supporting the little guys who have just entered the market. In the past I’ve review for a local Aussie company called Grip-It’s, and now there is a new company in town called Drop Bear Gaming Gear, a name that certainly lets everyone know there an Australian based company. I reached out to Drop Bear Gaming Gear to learn more about their first product and their reasons for why people should buy their products and well the boss of Drop Bear Gaming Gear, Nathan emailed me back and told me everything I needed to know.

Their based in Sydney, New South Wales and his reasons for starting up a gaming accessories company was out of his own personal frustrations of long gaming sessions, which gave him sore palms, sweaty hands and general comfort issues, but he didn’t want to keep this awesome idea to himself. He had to create a product that was affordable and that helped with long sessions of gaming. Eventually, Grizzly Grips were created and so far it's there first and only product but the future looks bright. Drop Bear Gaming Gear has a good following over on social media so I really can’t wait to see what else they bring to gamers.

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The grips themselves are made of a waterproof material, the same material that’s used on wakeboards. They're microbial and latex free which bring a nice soft feel to your controllers as well and has a nice grip that will never have your hands slipping. They are made to only fit standard controllers wired or wireless. Now, I’m reviewing for the set I got for Xbox One, but PS4 gamers you weren’t forgotten they also sell them as well.

Prior to Drop Bear Gaming Gear releasing their grips they were heavily tested, so there durability should last the distance for even a gamer who plays daily for long periods. I’d also like to mention that Drop Bear Gaming Gear feel that console gamers have being left out, and Drop Bear Gaming Gear really wants to improve their products so feedback isn’t something they are scared of, the more feedback they get, good or bad, the better they can improve what there selling. So remember these guys want to make a difference, even if it’s baby steps at the start so support local Aussie brands and hopefully we can all have less issues while gaming for hours on end.

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Now, you only get one grip for each side and once there own, there on. If you want them off, they're able to be taken off but you won’t have enough stick to put them on again. Applying them is somewhat idiot proof as each set comes with simple instructions. Simply take your time before applying pressure to ensure they stay onto the controller correctly. If you ever want them removed two alcohol wipes are included in the package. I'd also like to add that each set only costs $19.99AUD, which is a bargain as the quality of the grips is pretty decent.

Here's a bonus on your first order with Drop Bear Gaming Gear.  You’ll get 20% off if you use the codeword "GETAGRIP" and it’s free shipping on orders Worldwide.

Drop Bear Gaming Gear is here to help us feel comfortable whilst playing our games, and no one in there right mind will deny comfort. I used my grips for hours at a time and the soft feel almost had me thinking my controller were lighter than it actually was. Even short periods of gaming they felt great. so get on their website and let the comfort be felt in the palms of your hands whilst gaming.

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