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REVIEW: Caveman Warriors (Nintendo Switch)

Written by Staceface_Mayhem
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Often, we see big titled games focus on you the player, they cater to strictly you as the consumer, and sometimes, just sometimes it feels like they tack on a multiplayer or local play as an afterthought. Rarely do we see decent games that encourage playing with others in an innovative and interesting way. Nintendo is big on family play time, coming together to enjoy gaming, so it seems perfect ‘Cavemen Warriors” was ported over to the Nintendo Switch, as it feels the opposite, that in fact the single player was a reflective add on.

Caveman Warriors by JanduSoft is a side scroller platformer available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and ... now the Nintendo Switch. Being a ported over game, we fortunately have a review of it on Xbox One and the plot and gameplay feels no different, so for all the extra details I suggest reading the following link below:

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I found this game was more designed for playing with people than without. I often got bored playing by myself especially when it became challenging, because as Brett said in his review there is no auto save in each level. If you have a short attention span like I do, and often has to play a game on the run like I do as a reviewer, having to complete a whole level for it to save the chapter, was a major issue. So, playing with others really meant you could strategies and talk about how to smash through it in a quicker amount of time.

The bright, comically animated characters and levels are thriving with detail despite being so small on the switch hand held screen, and transfer just as well to the big screen. Visually, on the big screen it really looks no different. It was crisp, effervescent and clear, simply due to the art style that game is designed in.

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Gameplay wise I found no problem using it with the joy cons on the Switch, but once again preferred to use the controller on the big screen. This a common occurrence for me as the pro controller for the Switch is so similar to the Xbox controller, my comfort zone.

Caveman Warriors is a solid side scroller, teaming with a variety of enemies and brightly animated and enjoyable levels. While looking like a simple game, this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and quite difficult to expert without the hand of others. Thank god for it’s co operative local play or I probably wouldn’t have gone back to it to finish most the chapters that do not auto save. Being a reasonably priced, vibrant, arcade game, it is certainly worth a look, but unless you have some skilled friends to play with, I doubt you will stick around too long.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE, Steam, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: JanduSoft
  • Genre: Indie, Action