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REVIEW: RAID: World War II (Xbox One)

Written by James Moller
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So, i'd like to open this review by saying that first person shooters are by far my favorite type of games to play, they're always so challenging and differ from game to game. From the creators of Payday 2, Starbreeze Studios brings you this action packed game Raid: World War II which is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

This World War II based Co-op game has a lot of similar gameplay elements to Payday 2. Lion Game Lion is known for the oddly but great heist games which many of you know Payday 2 was their best success.

Unlike in Payday 2, this is based off the era in which the Nazis were taking over most of Europe, but the key plot of this game is stealing artwork back from the Nazis. Just like any other heist related game, its always about how much loot you can get before getting killed, but with this game, its more of you setting off a timed explosive then having all the enemies come after you as you try to escape with the goods all while being shot at by waves and waves of Nazis who will chase you down until you get to the objective location.

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RAID is a bit cartoonish but in the same aspect it has some realism with all the guns that you can pick up and use, but it does lack the modern graphics we are all so use too these days. In RAID you have four main characters, Sterling the Brit with a talent of sharpshooting, An American named Rivet with a “tough as nail” kind of attitude, the Soviet Russian named Kurgan who was part of the red army, but decided to join the raid crew to gain a bigger reward, then last but not least the German named Wolfgang who had sworn himself into the Nazi regime, but was betrayed and wanted payback!

What I thought to be the biggest challenge in the game was trying to find enough ammo to kill all the hordes of Nazis that were coming after you as you broke into the place and set off all the alarms.

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The gameplay itself has a bit of an Xbox 360 look, but i'd eally like to point out they have some really beautiful cinematics and its keeps up with the historic events with the famous but hated Adolf Hitler. As I played through the game, I noticed the music seems pretty dynamic with a little percussion and bag pipes involved, I noticed myself humming the tracks from time to time when I play through the levels. I’d have to say that you can see the pros and cons of this game just by playing the first tutorial level. You could be super stealthy but somehow you could be hiding behind something and the Computer AI will immediately spot you through your cover. The spawning of enemies will glitch out and you could be on the hunt for one guy that’s stuck behind the door you can’t go into. It's really all the small little things that you'll notice in a heartbeat being the veteran gamer that you are.

To wrap this whole summary up here is everything that I know about this game that has been presented to you all. Do I think the game is actually worth picking up?? To answer your question I don’t think this is something you should pick up unless you come accross it in a discount bin. The game has a lot more to improve before it lives up to the standards of the famous Payday 2.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 2.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Lion Game Lion
  • Publisher: Starbreeze Studios, 505 Games
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action