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REVIEW: Titan Quest: Ragnarok Review (PC)

Written by Simon Hayward
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Titan Quest has been out for a while now (11 years) with the expansion Immortal Throne, also the 10 year anniversary but now with a surprise of the new DLC Ragnarok.

Taking place in the realm of the Norse Gods, you can now dive back into the game that is still well known and played to this day. Not just the expanse, but a beautiful overhaul of the games brings more to the world of Titan Quest. Much like the original Titan Quest the basic gameplay hasn't changed from the fun hack, slash, burn or even electrocute. Though, this time around the world is so much more, with an increase of the level cap to 85, dozens of quest and a whole new realm to explore.

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Don't get me wrong, Titan Quest has been out for a long time but so has games like Diablo or Path of Exile with all still having a huge fan base. I myself grew up playing all of the Diablos, looking for the famous cow level, but I enjoy a little variety in my games and Titan Quest is a nice break from the others. And when was the last time a DLC came out for Diablo?

Sure norse mythology has been done before, but Titan Quest shows it's a natural progression and fit for the development of the game. Even the new God of War game is having Kratos vs Norse gods next. So why not Titan Quest? The game already has mod support and a level creator so why not grow on what is already there. If developers Pieces Interactive and THQ Nordic didn't make Ragnarok i'm sure someone in the Titan Quest community would have given it a try. But with a name like THQ Nordic im not surprised they went with Norse gods.

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But going back to the game, and I don't just mean the DLC, they've added new things to see and do in the base game. From the layout of the character screen and even a new mastery called the Rune Mastery along with new throwing weapons to defeat a whole new array of enemies. Weather you end traversing through snow or fighting in heavy rain Ragnarok offers the most amount of quests then in any previous games. And with the accomplished hero option it's a nice addition to the character creation, allowing player to start the new DLC straight away.

Titan Quest as a whole is a fun, but with Ragnarok and the new aspects that the player bases wanted it's like a new game that can be enjoyed by old or new players alike. And Finally you can wear Pants.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Pieces Interactive , THQ Nordic
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Action