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REVIEW: Life is Strange: Before The Storm - Episode 3 (Xbox One)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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And just like in a real-life book, we must come to the end of Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. The final and last episode by Deck Nine dropped late in December, and I came to the sad realisation very quickly that I didn’t actually want it to conclude.

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Episode 3 entitled ‘Hell is Empty’ feels like such a natural progression in this story. The game finally seemed to have shook off that often somewhat irksome, clique, teenage bravado and matured into a well told story of love, loss and honesty. As the game finally sheds its cacoon, its turned into a butterfly, making us reflect how important choice is and how hard it is to choose and weight up a right course of action in life.

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This chapter focusses more on Rachel this time, her torments and miseries, with the hardest people to confront...family. When is a lie just for protection, or stepping over the line? What does it really weigh to carry these burdens and decisions with you over time? What toll will it take? All questions ‘Life is Strange’ will challenge you to think about, with multiples answers neither being right or wrong.

It was refreshing to see the characters also come full circle, from lacklustre problematic, bitter teenagers and adults that seem stiff and unlikable, to well rounded, and multi layered characters with so much depth that each action now seems relatable and genuine. My only critique of this final instalment is the fact a few loose ends in minor story lines previously introduced seem swept under the rug. With such a strong main arch developing in Rachel this chapter, a lot of small quarrels from previous chapters seemed slightly overlooked at the final conclusion. Background and less developed characters and their trials and tribulations are put on the back burners... hopefully just for now.

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Life Is Strange: Before the Storm had me way more invested and emotional attached than that the original which I also thought was one of the better point and click, puzzle tales of 2015. Some might find that surprising since it excludes Max’s time reversal mechanics, has pretty much the same point and click gameplay and fell a bit flat in the first episode and actual puzzles. However, I found this made the story a lot stronger, and didn’t deflect s from the message of the actual game.

The Life Is Strange series are not gun-ho action filled games, they don’t have an epic quest-like stories, but they do hit you in the soul and take you on an emotional rollercoaster of choice. I can’t wait for what is in store for the series. We have a prequel to the original.... hopefully a sequel is in the works that follows someone just as apathetic and complicated from that cursed, angst riddled, Arcadia Bay.

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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Deck Nine
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Genre: Action / Adventure