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REVIEW: EA Sports UFC 3 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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I've watched UFC for many years now and I've played all the games, UFC and UFC 2 were much the same with gameplay and visuals but UFC 3 is a step up on both and it's a must buy game worthy of your hard earned cash.

The roster for past games was decent, some fighters I thought should have made the cut sadly didn’t, UFC 3 however is jam packed with male and female fighters, hall of famers Mark Coleman, Forrest Griffin, Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell even made the cut, along with a long list of current fighters including Conor McGregor, Stipe Miocic, Paige VanZant and Holly Holm.

UFC 3 supports both online multiplayer and offline modes mixing some single player modes into online modes. If you just want straight up versus with a second player or fighting AI, you’ll want to head to Fight Modes. There‘s a number of options but Fight Now is the typical versus mode to face friends offline or AI. You’ll be able to do submission or knockout mode types but that isn’t all you can do with single player, another mode at the main menu is Ultimate Team. As mentioned before, UFC 3 has a mix of online and offline and it's here you’ll see that present. Prior to starting Ultimate Team you’ll need to build your team with four fighters, each being in a different weight class. The game will even introduce you with everything available in Ultimate Team. Now, there are just two single player options, the first is Single Player Championship, your goal here is to become a champion and move up the divisions you’ll face AI opponents, leaving the second as a challenge mode.

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Ultimate Team is the place for online championship. Unlike the single player championship, here you’ll face real players, the point is still to become champion and move up the divisions. Ultimate Team is the only mode to use the UFC Points. Yes, EA sure loves including micro-transactions with all their games. The price can get hefty too, starting price is $1.35AUD, high point is $119.70AUD. Gamers on Xbox who have a EA Access subscription get a 10% discount on all UFC point purchases. The last thing i'll note about Ultimate Team is the Program Sets. Here you can redeem, craft and upgrade tokens which will all be explained when you first make your way into Ultimate Team.

Now, who doesn’t love playing story modes? I know I do. UFC has had okay Career Modes in the past, but UFC 3 has made it even better. Sure, it's not overly long but it's certainly not a short Career. Before you get your career up and running you’ll need to decide, do you want to create a fighter with your likeness, which answers the question of can you create fighter? Yes, you can. If you would rather choose a fighter from the game, that’s an option as well. It's without a doubt a long and hard road to be the best at something and being a pro fighter is no different. You’ll need to show your worthy before even signing a contract with the UFC and stepping into that glorious octagon. You’ll soon find out, UFC President Dana White is at your fight to see if he can find the next best thing, prove to him that you are and start your journey of being a champion and earning the title of G.O.A.T.

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The point of career is to earn contracts, do the amount of fights necessary, face your rivals, promote yourself and train hard and prove you ain’t just a number.

UFC 3 has many difficulties, easy, normal, hard, pro and legendary which is unlocked after finishing the career mode. Controls consist of stand up, ground and clinch, there isn’t a shortage of moves to do in UFC 3. The submission format can be changed with either simple or normal. Normal involves using the sticks where as simple is tapping a button. Fighters move around the octagon naturally, small things like there hair flicking with a kick or punch, to their shorts moving as they take steps around the canvas makes it that more realistic.

So, there is some online play involved with Ultimate Team but UFC 3’s main focus for online multiplayer isn’t there, it's further across the main menu called Online Quick Match. This is for those who either just want to play a normal fight online with either a random player or by inviting a friend online. While Ranked Championship is more about stats and you can’t play with any friends by the way of inviting them as the game randomly places you with another player and ranked implements a division level up system. Be prepared for some players to be utter douchebags doing the same kick to weaken your legs to get a stoppage, it's unsporting but you can’t do much about that, though I had matches where it was a fair fight. When you take connection into consideration it was fairly good, I did have a couple of matches that froze for a few seconds but it seemed to do it on my side as well as my opponents. Lag wasn’t really an occurrence either. Fightnet is nothing new to the UFC games, it's good to check your online stats. It’ll show overall wins, losses, striking and grabbing stats. You’ll also be able to check out accolades you earn too.

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The high point for UFC 3 is the visuals, fighters are identical to their real life counterparts, down to tattoos and hairstyles. The octagon itself even looks better than before. Other things you’ll notice are, if you happen to do enough damage marks and bruises appear in real time, this can let you know if you continue to hit that same spot you’ll get a stoppage. Playing on Xbox One X I noticed a choice to either favour performance or resolution. Playing with performance,the game runs at 60fps. If you favor resolution you’ll play with a higher resolution but at 30fps and honestly it looked crap. As for sounds they were perfect, man the hits can sound brutal. I can't forget to mention Bruce Buffer's part in UFC with his iconic fight intros. While fighting, the crowd can go nuts and cheer you on, you can even hear call outs from your team. Commentary is okay, sometimes off beat and though Joe Rogan and Jon Anik sound hyped on there commentary, they can be seen ring side as still as a rock with no motion at all.

UFC fans will feel right at home with UFC 3. EA has stepped up their game from previous UFC titles. Now, remember you're only as good as your last fight remember, stats aren’t everything and it can only take one good hit to be knocked out.

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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: 3rd Feb 2018
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: EA Canada
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts, EA Sports
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Sports