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REVIEW: The Inpatient (Playstation VR)

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The Inpatient by Supermassive Games, is a Playstation VR title and is a prequel to Until Dawn, also by Supermassive.

The Inpatient takes place in 1952 inside the Blackwood Pines Sanitorium from Until Dawn and gives you a first-person perspective on key events leading up to Until Dawn. You play as the “inpatient” with no idea of who you, where you are or why you’ve been committed to Blackwood.

From the very start you begin being questioned by a doctor, to whom you might recognise from Until Dawn, with him asking, What do you remember? As you play, you’ll start to interact with different characters and experience nightmares and flashbacks that will start giving you some insight to your identity.

the inpatient screen 03 ps4 eu 12jun17

Now, this isn’t a free roam game like Until Dawn, the game plays out through a series of events. Sometimes you’ll be standing around listening to dialogue from people you come across while other times you’ll be able to wander through sections of Blackwood Pines Sanitorium. When you do have control over your character, you’ll be able to interact with items such as the occasional door, as well as some objects lying around which you’re able to pick up to take a look at before putting them back down. Some of these objects you can pick up may also trigger a memory giving you another piece of the puzzle into who you are.

Just like in Until Dawn, dialogue in The Inpatient is a major factor. You’ll need to listen carefully and choose between two options presented to you. The choices you make can have very serious effects with characters either living or dying depending on what choices you decided on along the way.

the inpatient screen 01 ps4 eu 12jun17

The Inpatient can be played with either a PS4 controller or via two Move controllers. The PS4 controller setup is pretty straight forward, but using the Move controllers will give you a much better and more natural feeling experience. One Move controller will handle the forward movement while you have the Move button’s held, while the other controller changes your viewpoint.

The Inpatient is an impressive looking game considering it’s running on PSVR with some pretty amazing lighting effects and audio work that really set the tone of Blackwood Pines Sanitorium.

Now, the question I hear you all asking, is The Inpatient as terrifying in VR as Resident Evil 7 is in VR? No, but at times it does come pretty close. The Inpatient is a very immersive experience with an interesting story that leads up to the events of Until Dawn.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: Supermassive Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
  • Genre: Action / Adventure