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PREVIEW: Sea of Thieves BETA (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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One of Xbox’s debut exclusives is about to arrive sometime in March 2018. Developer Rare have had a good crack with doing closed Alphas & Betas leading up to the release of their game. Now, I didn’t manage to play the first round of Alpha sessions but did manage to play the latest closed BETA.

Like most BETA's they never run smoothly, the first day or two participants were getting messages saying they were too early along with server issues that prevented some gamers unable to match make with others, but the good guys at Rare extended the BETA an extra two days for these reasons.

So, Sea of Thieves is a first person pirate game. Pirate games haven’t really been done much and this BETA allowed me to use a range of weapons from a sword, pistol and even a crazy sniper rifle. I can also share that the world the game takes place in has a day/night cycle. Walking around land you’ll come across skeleton pirates that’ll attempt to kill you, so keeping an eye on your health on the HUD is key, but if you do die you’ll wake up on a ghost ship that has doors leading back to the world of Sea of Thieves.

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But what’s a pirate theme without being able to sail in a ship with yee mates, well there are three size ships, at least that’s all there was in the BETA, a ship to have on your own or two others for more players to explore on.

In my opinion it's a game best played with others, almost if you were to play Destiny alone compared to with others. You can either play with friends, inviting them, via matchmaking or by joining other players across the world. My time in the BETA was good and bad, my bad experiences were out weighed by the good but I will share the bad. A number of games I had joined I’d be in the lobby not even one minute in and I was voted into the brig, aka cell and once your in there you can't get out unless they allow you out, leaving you there to do nothing but play musical instruments or leaving the lobby and trying your luck again. This needs to be truly looked at prior to full release as it’ll cause quite a stir with people being picked on for no reason.

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But as I said the bad was just one annoyance, the rest was quite fun playing with others and having a laugh, doing the quests that were featured in the BETA really shows how promising the game will hopefully be. As for visuals their cartoony, Xbox One S and Xbox One X will offer HDR support and playing on a 4K screen with HDR the colours pop like you wouldn’t believe.

Xbox is always slammed with not having enough console exclusives compared to Playstation 4, so I think this will keep gamers happy for awhile, but well have to see in due time.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: BETA PREVIEW
  • Release Date: 20th March 2018
  • Platform: PC, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Rare
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Genre: Action / Adventure