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REVIEW: ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun (Nintendo Switch)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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God, I have a love/hate relationship with platformers. One day I'm calming playing, eating up everything they have to offer, the next day I'm throwing my controller and crying in the corner because one measly, little obstacle has me screwed. It is almost an abusive partnership, because I always come back for more pain, almost like a masochist. This, is why the gaming community likes them so much, because after all this agony of dying and restarting, blood and sweat, they have something special... a sense of achievement. ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun is a fun as hell, 2D, indie platformer developed by ThirtyThree and Good Shepherd Entertainment for the Nintendo Switch. This game definitely rewards you with that addictive feeling of accomplishment.

When the world is drenched in fire, who will rise up? You of bloody course. What do you do when you are the lone survivor of your planet in a post-apocalyptic neon acid world? Shoot up everyone else in style, that is what! Playing as the small, pixelated, gun slinging scavenger, you must jet pack and gun your way through the worlds (three in fact, with up to 120 levels) in a blazing storm of bullets, as you are the one hero left in the galaxy that every alien foe is talking about. You have a rep for going from planet to planet muffing stuff up and by damn as the player you unquestionably make sure that happens.

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Along your journey and in between each level, a cast of flamboyant characters narrate their feelings towards you and give very brief tid bits to the story unfolding. As small and as insignificant these cut scenes seem, they add so much personality to the game.

Simple is under appreciated now a days in the gaming community and in this genre I think particularly, and boy is Atomik simple. Two buttons, that is it. Right bumper is jump, left bumper is gun. You almost think it is too simple, almost infact lazy, but it is genius. Balancing out flying through obstacles such spikes, turrets, saw blades and shooting them to smithereens, was actually harder than I initially thought. Dodging all the obstacles are a challenge, but along the way you must collect the mysterious Atomiks (which I still really have no idea what purpose they serve, other than a collectable goal in each level) to further your progress. Speed is of the essence in this game, as the screen will auto scroll with death sending you zooming back to the start of the level with the added bonus on no reloads, to try again, and again and again especially as obstacles grow in brutality.

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Despite being a little handheld game (because lets me honest, most switch users barely use it docked in TV mode), it feels like you are coming straight out of a pixelated 80’s, sci fi movie. In a very retro, Blade Runnereque style, everything is brilliantly vibrant, hyper psychedelic, and an intense acid trip of colour. The visuals were so mesmerising, there was so much to look at on the screen it sucked me in like an intoxicated dancer twirling glowsticks at a rave. With its pulsating and its flashing animations, it's probably not something an epileptic should play for very long. I was just in love with the art style and couldn’t keep my eyes from the screen. Coupled with the heart palpitatingly good backing music, you definitely feel the excitement trip as you play.

I personally found the game played perfectly fine in the dock or in handheld mode, and while it looked fabulous on the TV, as usual I preferred it in my hands, bright lights and all the flares of it, flashing in my face.

Overall, ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun is a quirky, simple but enjoyable little indie title. I found myself sucked into its neon, warn torn rave with its beautifully unique art style and energetic music. This is one platformer that has won my heart and destroyed my soul.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment
  • Genre: Action, Misc