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REVIEW: The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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The Seven Deadly Sins is a hit manga television franchise which has its very own series on Netflix, however it's not just a television show, they are comics as well. Now, the franchise has ventured into the video game scene, but my time spent playing left me unfulfilled.

So my overview of a somewhat unexplained story is short, you must assemble all seven deadly sin characters and battle. The start isn’t explained all that well and really lacks a lot of aspects that should make a story flow and feel meaningful. This isn’t a free to play game, you are spending money on a game that you expect to be worth the price tag and I believe this title doesn’t offer bang for your buck.

The campaign is "Adventure Mode" which has you completing quests than moving elsewhere on the map onto the next. You’ll see a few cutscenes than you repeat that process like your in the movie Groundhog Day. It’s fair to say that it's a game about battling and gathering the seven deadly sins, but having played the game it's clearly not practical on the approach the creators went with.

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The premise of the game is to fight and it can get rather repetitive quite early on. There are many types of battles with some having a time limit, you can do errands and your not just playing as one character. The game itself has no difficulty, it's a matter of each quest having an amount of stars that determines how easy or hard it’ll be, the more stars the more challenging the battle is. Quests spread out across a big world, some will have you traveling back to old places to complete quests. Thankfully, traveling around isn’t a pain. You’ll travel upon a big green hog and he gets somewhat upgraded, such as walking faster. There is also two options to play, either Adventure Mode or Dual Mode. Duel Mode is everything but the story mode, you’ll come here if fighting alone, fighting with friends online or offline. Note, that most options with magic and playable characters need to be unlocked by playing through adventure mode. Adventure mode is story mode, it mixes fighting and obviously a story. I wasn’t a fan of the combat here, it was a button mash at best, some characters felt as though they were doing stuff all damage no matter what attacks I was doing. Controls are a mix of pressing buttons on there own, as well as pressing R1 or R1 with another. Attacks come in the form of light and heavy, with magic also coming into play.

Magic is something you should use, sure it’ll take a while to get everything, but when facing harder enemies you’ll have more of a chance at defeating them. Equipment is another part of your characters, there are four slots and as you have more equipment unlocked you can change them whenever you feel you need to, equipment can reduce damage taken, or make your magic more powerful. Completing quests is the goal. You’ll earn a rank, S being the highest and then A and B and so on. You’ll also earn points and bonuses along with other possible rewards. Something I feel strongly about in any game I play is if it has auto save or not. Failing to gets me cranky, such a small thing I know, but lucky for me this title has auto save so thank those gaming gods.

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When first starting Adventure Mode the world is small, but as you complete quests you’ll slowly branch out to a bigger world. The map is super easy to understand, it even has a mini map so you’ll know in advance which way has objectives.

Having watched some of the series on Netflix I can comment that the characters look much alike in the game, being that all characters are super cartoony, which is how manga is. There are many different areas you’ll battle in and some look somewhat nice. The map you’ll use to travel around is visually nice to look at, showing trees and mountains, as well as the small towns, battles and errands you’ll take part in, but once your in a battle the world looks pretty dull. Having played on a PS4 Pro I can add that there is no Pro support. As for sound, it had typical music that comes with the genre but still nothing that will have you praising it. Voices aren’t able to be heard in English meaning you’ll spend time reading subtitles to follow what’s happening.

What looked to be a fun manga themed game was a repetitive game that got old quick. Sure, I didn’t feel the need of turning it off, I stuck it out but after jumping off it I thought well what did I achieve after all those hours, nothing was my answer.


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  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: Natsume Atari
  • Genre: Fighting, Action, Adventure