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REVIEW: Nacon Wired Compact Controller (Playstation 4)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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Look, Playstation controllers have never felt right in my hands, they are smallish and quite long which spaces your hands far apart, not something I get used to quickly being a preferred Xbox gamer. Now, every now and then in desperate times, a PS4 game gets slid across my desk and I have to get used to using that controller all over again and quickly.

NACON has a wide range of official licensed PS4 controllers and the Wired Compact Controller is just one of the many and boy it certainly felt a lot better than the traditional PS4 controller in my sweaty, little palms.

One of the first things I noticed was while it almost looks the same size up against the stock standard counterpart, due to the moulding it felt a lot bigger but with tighter buttons location. It is certainly lighter too, meaning marathon gaming seshs without sore wrists. The second most obvious feature is the fact it is wired. A USB cable runs to your PS4 and is moulded into the controller itself. While this minimises any loose connections or the cable falling out, I am very wary of moulded in cables as they tend to break internally as electrical wires are bent ravelling up cables. While you may not constantly bend the wires, you can’t trust someone else won’t while cleaning up your gaming mess. (Sorry dad, who wrecked countless N64 controllers by wrapping leads around the actual controller themselves)
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Once you get over the ergonomics, the feel, oh man the feel of the controller gets your attention. The silky, matte finish is just such a sleek look for a controller. The NACON, iconic Viper is embossed on the grip to add to the stylish look and it really does feel better with the texture when using the analog sticks, minimising those sweaty, Overwatch finger slips in intense games. A subtle, LED player status indicator is in the middle of the face, meaning you don’t need to guess what status you are currently in. Despite this, it does not make up for the missing iconic light bar on the front. My favourite features though are the larger beloved, four, symbolled buttons and the touch pad with the engraved PS4 button symbols. It is just so cool, and an awesome ascetical touch to what is normally such a bland space.

It comes with the standard 3.5mm headset jack and a 3m power cable, a length that is pretty decent in comparison to some. It is PC (windows) compatible also, if they are using the Xinput protocol, meaning a smooth transition to PC gaming. While these are generic features, I felt the aborting of some other generic features a critical flaw. Absent is the built-in speaker, light bar and motion sensor, that made the common, original controllers so original and cool. To leave such features out, especially in a trendy, non-competitive styles seems unnecessary, if you are competing with other brands.
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My only major criticism is the trigger and bumpers. While I love the fact, they are way bigger and sit in my hand nicely and I can wrap my fingers around them even better, quite similarly to a chunkier opposing consoles controller, the fact the bumper and triggers have a wide gap apart can be a problem. Between the top bumpers and the trigger buttons, the no man land of space, makes it timely to move up and down between them, not an issue in most simple games, but shooters that generally utilise all buttons for things such as lethals or health packs, this can potentially be an issue.

Overall, his controller feels a lot sleeker in the hands, and looks dope as hell with its combination of a matte, comfy finish and larger sophisticated buttons. At a very reasonable price of $49 dollars at your local JB HIFI, the next question is, are the features missing from the standard controller a pay out for the rest? It’s up to you to decide for yourself where your priorities lie.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: NACON Gaming
  • Genre: Hardware