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ALPHA PREVIEW: Immortal: Unchained (Steam)

Written by Simon Hayward
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Think of Dark Souls with guns and there you have Immortal: Unchained. This unforgiving, cruel and relentless game throws you into a world where not much explanation is given to your current situation except that you were unchained by some faceless warden and told you now must save the world from some unknown and undead like darkness, but as you shoot, stab and dodge your way through a variety of enemies that look like something from a science fiction nightmare, you'll start to uncover what you truely face in the world of Immortal: Unchained.

In development by Toadman Interactive, Immortal: Unchained definitely draws inspiration from Dark Souls but still brings its own style and presence to the genre, if you can call it a genre now. Sure, you could say they just added guns to Dark Souls which would be a simple comparison, but this world that is Immortal: Unchained looks and feels very science fiction. But enough about the comparison and lets focus on the game itself.

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You can still get away with using a keyboard but using a controller is highly recommended as the game seems to be more appropriate for a controller. Basic controls for the game itself seems natural with comparison to many action shooter games and with a simple flow of the tutorial/first level, gameplay mechanics are easy to pick up. Checkpoints or you could say Obelisks, similar to the fireplaces in Dark Souls are used to help customise your characters abilities, weapons, armour and gear. The game has an array of weapons that can be acquired such as knives, swords, shotguns, pistols and assault rifles. These all have the ability to be upgraded or just scraped for resources. Speaking of upgrading, I found that before upgrading your abilities, ensure you see which weapons reflect the skills, I found that out the hard way. Armour shrines can be encountered that buff damage resistance as you will need all the help you can get as enemies damage can take you down a notch pretty easily.

Now, while this is an ALPHA it still shows potential and the need for improvement on certain aspects, particularly with the enemy AI as they seem docile and easy to defeat in combat. When standing, backfiring from afar while all other enemies seem unresponsive until you attack, even though the two enemies are right next to each other in some instances. Other times trying to lock-on, or should I say unlock onto an enemy can be frustrating. Having a bit of free flow in fights would be nice, particularly when you have a perfectly good melee weapon.

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Most of my time I spent walking back and forth behind a wall as I fired all because an enemy only moves slightly towards you. No sense of urgency was present in most cases, life or death was just a manner of complacence. I wouldn't say bringing guns into the mix removes the excitement, but if you have a melee weapon, it would be nice to use it, and not as a decorative item on your back. This isn't 
to say the game punishes you for taking the wrong step, literally in some cases, weather it be stepping on a trap, falling into some cliffs or water that looks shallow but isn't.

Some things are visual traps to fool you into killing yourself, e.g a crate that you see somewhere that makes you run to it but if you don't look down you can easily fall to your doom. Those aspects to the game are the times I most commonly died. Overall, Immortal: Unchained may just be in ALPHA but the detail, gameplay and world that has been created is perfect for fans of Dark Souls or just any science fiction fan that enjoys a new intriguing world. I look forward to seeing slight improvements to enemy AI to make the experience more challenging for those that are used to it along with smoother gameplay mechanics for more optimal fighting.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: ALPHA PREVIEW
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Platform: PC, Steam
  • Developer: Toadman Interactive
  • Publisher: Game Odyssey Limited
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Role-Playing