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REVIEW: Frantics (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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Last year I reviewed three other Playlink titles and I had already played That’s You as it was a Playstation Plus bonus game, now there is another Playlink title that’s called "Frantics" and it's a joy to play and fun for everyone who owns a Playstation 4.

Playlink games offer gamers the ability to play without your normal Playstation 4 controllers instead replacing them with smartphones and/or tablets to mix it up. So far titles in the Playlink family are Hidden Agenda, Singstar and the last three are all party games being That’s You, Knowledge Is Power and Frantics.

So, how do you play? Any device that’s still supported by the newest versions of IOS or Android will work. The app is a free download and the many hours I played Frantics it never lost connection between the console and any of the many devices I used. Frantics supports 1-4 players, playing either alone or with less than 4 players, here the game will automatically add AI opponents.

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Before you play all players will need to do a few things, either stick with the character your given or choose another, create a name, anything will do than take a selfie and your good as gold to start playing. There are 12 animals to choose from, a pig, horse, platypus a dog and more. There are three ways you can play, the proper way is Fox’s party, but you can also choose to play just one single mini game or choose the games you wanna play in a row in a created playlist, this can be accessed through the main menu.

No matter if your playing against AI or real players, winning is a challenge as some mini games involve teamwork, while others it's everyone for themselves. I played with a mate and my young kids and we all had a blast, it's a game that once you finish a session you’ll want to have another to try beat your friends or family for the first time or again.

When playing any of the 15 mini games each is different, some will have time limits. Racing in vehicles was one of my favorite games, but there are also ball games and trying to knock others off a platform. Racing on foot you’ll need to jump and dodge obstacles.

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Now, this is a game you can play for fun or like some of my kids, they took things a little too seriously. Either way, the point of the game never does change. You need to win as much as you can to earn coins and crowns. Coins are't going to have you winning, they are simply there for those few times in between rounds for you to bid on items that can help you in the following round. The more crowns you have however will give you a much greater chance at winning in the grand finale. Earn the most points in a game and you’ll get a crown. The games host is a fairly nice fox, he talks throughout the game and will award prizes to the winner at the end. He’ll also offer a secret mission to one player and if they complete it, they’ll be rewarded.

Playing some of the mini games felt like luck wasn’t on my side, but as much as you can’t win everything it still felt unfair at times. Something that’s not just linked to this game but to so many others is that no matter how many times you play them, they feel the need to constantly tell you how to play each game. Frantics isn’t a hard game to understand so on screen tutorials would have been better so that you could at least turn them off in the games settings.

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Frantics is a colourful game, everything you see on screen is made of Playdoh, it's a game that screams, "look at me, I’m full of fun!" All the animal characters look funny and the designs of each game was enjoyable. As each mini game is different, so is the music which sounds either funny or themed along with what the mini games location is.

If you own a smartphone or tablet you are able to play this game as well as all other Playlink titles. If you want to have fun with friends on a Friday night this game will fill the spot. Playlink games are also pretty damn cheap, so there’s another reason to buy them. What I’m getting at is if you own a compatible device it's worth the few bucks to buy and then it's all about having fun!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: NapNok Games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Misc, Puzzle