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REVIEW: Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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Yes finally, Lucky is back and even though it's a short adventure it was fun while it lasted. Having played Super Lucky’s Tale, we all thought the adventure was over but it’s not over just yet.

This DLC takes Lucky on a short adventure to a tropical Island called Gilly’s Island, although others might be on a holiday Lucky isn’t. Why go to a holiday Island if you aren’t going to lay in the sun relaxing? Well that’s because he’s there to rid the awful music Lady Meowmalade is pumping out across the Island! You’ll have objectives across the three levels in the DLC and the final level is your boss fight against Lady Meowmalade.

Playing Super Lucky’s Tale players figured out soon enough water wasn’t his friend. And being that Gilly’s Island is surrounded by water as well as it running through the Island this time around not falling in water is tricky when thing’s like blow up lobsters and turtles are moving and then most wooden platforms will drop into the water once you step on them.

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The way to play the DLC is the same as the base game, each level has 4 clovers to collect, one for collecting 300 coins, another for finding all the letters spelling LUCKY and two more. Now, this DLC only has 3 levels plus a boss fight so there isn’t many clovers to get but achievements will be given if you earn all in the DLC. I liked how a bunch of characters from the base game were included in the DLC even if most just stood around on the Island.

To access the DLC it’s easy, the main menu now has a downloadable content option, go into that than you’ll see ‘A Meowvalous Party’.

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Super Lucky’s Tale impressed me with it's bright vibrant visuals, though it has 4K support as well as other enhancements on the Xbox One X it does miss HDR support. Gilly’s Island sticks with the bright and vibrant colour scheme and why wouldn’t it. They might be two different places but the DLC fits in nice and snug. I do remember one part of the base game that suffered from slight stuttering, and it was seen for a very short time in Gilly’s Island. Now, being bright and colourful is great, but I also loved the music in Super Lucky’s Tale minus the trash Lady Meowmalade was playing it was as good as the base game.

You must own the base game to play Gilly’s Island DLC, however you don’t need to complete Super Lucky’s Tale to play Gilly’s Island. Yes, this is a short DLC easily played in a couple of hours, but that’s why it's less the $10 to purchase. It’s a nice expansion to a game that did nothing but impress everyone who had a go.


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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
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