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REVIEW: Attack On Titan 2 - Review (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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I’m not a manga fan in anyway shape or form, it just doesn’t appeal to me but after playing many hours of A.O.T. 2 I still couldn’t say to myself that I’m a fan of the genre. It was too slow from the very start, I thought this was much in the style of Shadow of the Colossus slaying giant titans but it was far from what I thought.

The start of A.O.T. 2 is slow, the beginning is one long ass cut scene with minimal gameplay that doesn't allow you to do anything but watch. This at least give players that have never played the first game before an idea of what’s the story is based on, and for those who played the first game or watched the show a refresh in their minds. A.O.T. 2 is based on the shows second season. Now, i've never watched the show so all I can point out is it's politically driven, humans are the good guys, and titans are the Godzilla’s.

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Once you're past the long introduction you get to create your character, choosing from either male or female, selecting your hairstyle and colour, attire and even change your facial feature, then lastly giving yourself a name. This isn’t a fast moving game most of the time, your first time seeing the titans is right at the start but it's quite sometime after that you’ll see another. Most of the time is spent watching cutscenes and for most of the beginning of the game is a tutorial teaching you controls and building things like bases. Building physical things isn’t all you’ll need to build, friendships are a big part of A.O.T. 2. To make friendships you must say the right things and to simply please others. Fighting titans alone isn’t how it's done, you have to form your team deploying four at a time, it's your team that offer buddy actions that help when taking down titans in training and against the real titans. Side missions are indicated by smoke signals, if you take to long to get there they will disappear.

Bases are handy, a must if you will. When one is able to be built the area will be highlighted with a colour, there are many types of bases that will allow you to replenish things. There are stores you can visit as well, an equipment and a regiment store. Buying isn’t free, but you can also sell items. When battling titans or just simply completing missions your actions don’t go unnoticed, you’ll earn XP, level up your character and earn rewards.

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Controls can be complicated and at times frustrating, especially when your using your ODM around buildings. You’ll be able to run and attack, jump and most importantly become Spider-Man, okay just kidding about the whole Spider-Man, but i'll explained why I mentioned that. You’ll have something that’s called ODM which stands for (Omni-directional mobility) This give you the ability to move around as if your flying through the air between buildings and off other objects such as trees. The movement on a visual standpoint reminded me of Spider-Man. Your ODM really comes into play when taking down any titan in your way.

Which brings me to the most notable part of the game, the titans themselves. Titans come in many sizes, some are epic and stand taller than most buildings, whilst others are just as tall as buildings, we can’t forget the baby sized titans, these guys might be small and easy to kill but they almost act like a distraction. Titans are just downright strange looking, there naked, they have bums but no genitalia, some have skin whilst others show what’s beneath the skin. Some even have strange necks and faces, the're just freaks I guess. To take them down isn’t all that difficult, you’ll need to slow them down by removing limbs, starting with their legs which stops them walking then it's off with their arms and last being the removing of the head. Sounds brutal but it doesn’t come across that way whilst playing. You’ll need to choose a specific area being the left elbow or right knee to attack and then continue to the next. But be warned, if you stand still you will be hit, or even worse picked up and chewed on.

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A.O.T. 2 has some nice visuals, with both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X supporting enhancements. Characters look great, no one really looks the same when it come to the NPC’s. No matter if your in a forest or in the hub of a city the game really does show off nicely. Though it isn’t perfect. When titans are beaten they will fall through the ground which looks rather silly but can’t winge too much. When attacking and taking down titans there is some gore an over reaction of blood that looks sort of cool. Odd sound issues plagued the game, at least I think that’s the case, when people talk in cutscenes they’ll speak the native language along with subtitles, however when approaching any NPC when they talk they’ll make a odd sound before speaking there mouths move but no sound comes out leaving it awkward reading subtitles in silence. The game isn’t voiced in English, it's the native tongue and nothing else, but at least every conversation is subtitled in English.

A.O.T. 2 does have online features, known as ‘Another Mode’ not unlocked right away but playing the story mode will have it unlocked not long after, but note that we played prior to the official release and I was unable to find others to play online with. ‘Another Mode’ can be played online but offline as well, when playing it with others you’ll do missions together as well as battling each other.

So, I thought the game was good, but slow at the same time. It took me too long to start enjoying it. If your a fan of the franchise you’re going to enjoy it. The titans themselves really had me confused but the more I played the more I got use to there appearance.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Platform: PS Vita, PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Publisher: Koei Tecmo
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Action / Adventure