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REVIEW: Pure Farming 2018 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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This title is much the same as the Farming Simulator games, it's all about doing farm work from raising cattle and planting crops than harvesting them to selling it to make money. It’s not filled with excitement so it's for people who love simulation games especially.

There isn’t much point branding your game a simulator if it doesn’t feature things to make it that way, example is that all vehicles in Pure Farming 2018 are real farming vehicles, and as well as some road car brands include Mitsubishi, DAF, McCormick and Landini just to name a few. Pure Farming 2018 spans across four continents, Japan, Columbia, Italy and USA, though pre ordered copies did include a farm map set in Germany. It’s nothing spectacular but you can customise your farmers looks by choosing different shirts, pants, shoes and hats.

There are three ways to play this title which are My First Farm, Free Farming and Challenge Mode. Each mode states a benchmark, being for novice players, advanced or experienced but I’d never played it before and I played all three modes without any hassles. No matter the mode they all have a day/night cycle, and time works for every three seconds in the real world is one minute in the game.

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My First Farm and Free Farming are much the same and Challenge Mode is just one challenge, but on a whole the point is to build animal enclosures, buy animals to breed, then sell them. There is also so much work involved when it comes to crops, plowing, planting and harvesting, and you'll need to help others, but it's worth the money you earn from helping others. Crops and orchards will include plums, rice, wheat, hemp and much more. Challenge Mode offers 20 unique challenges across all four continents that are locked, except the first of each, you’ll just need to complete one to unlock the next.

There's a tablet that somehow made its way into a farmer's life, what’s more surprising is it gets a 4G signal, all jokes asides it's the hub of the game. It's how you'll receive emails, buy and sell some items as well as buying items off a man who is placed somewhere in the map of whichever country you are in. Your tablet also shows the time of day, the current temperature as well as how much money and XP you have. Pressing in your left stick will bring the farm map to full screen. Without your tablet you’d be so lost, and it doesn’t just track your stats but the number of vehicles you own among buildings and workers.

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Now vehicles come big and small, average sized utes, small tractors to huge harvesters and to my surprise all can be controlled with ease. Though the fuel gauge isn’t just to take space on the HUD, you will run out if you don’t check it and make sure to top up vehicles here and there. There are service stations around on the map, you just can't let yourself get too low because it can cost loads more to fuel up if you can't make it to a service station.

Pure Farming 2018 isn’t the best looking game to come out recently, it's a game that’s heavenly simulated to the farming world, though visually it does appear to look nice, but I’ve never played a sim game and had it look as good as other games from other genres. Across all four continents they all have there own take on what a farm would look like in that region, my favourite being Montana, USA.

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The HUD can take some room of your screen, not much but some things can be hidden. The handy mini map updates in real time, so whilst your plowing you can see this happening in the mini map, but that’s not all, you’ll also have your vehicles speedo, fuel consumption, time of day, objectives and more. My one dig at the HUD was the transparent grey bar which goes across the top of screen that’s constantly there, it doesn’t look like it needs to be there so i'm not sure why is it. There were also a number of times the frame rate went to crap whilst it rained or when in a large vehicle driving around.

My final thoughts, well there isn’t any multiplayer when playing Pure Farming 2018, I just doubt it would work well with how to games made. It really had minimal issues and I found myself getting lost in the world of the game after a couple of hours. I play my fair share of sims but farming was never on my list to bother with but here is yet another title that has won me for the future for farming sim games.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Ice Flames
  • Publisher: Techland
  • Genre: Simulation