Monday, 26 March 2018 20:34

REVIEW: Darwin Project (Xbox One Game Preview)

Written by Nate Lester
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Coming into this game I was a little worried, being a 31 year old man getting into this cartoonish style of battle royale took a moment to get used to. My first thought was that the Darwin Project was just going to be another Fortnite just in the snow, so you could imagine I was pleasantly surprised to learn how different they really are.

Darwin Project developed by Scavengers Studio is a third person survival game set in a battle royale manner. You're placed in the Northern Candian Rockies bringing a very Sub Zero Hunger games vibe. The game itself has the main mechanics associated with a survival game but somehow seems to take a lot of the gruesome reality out of the situation your placed into.

First impressions were admissal as I headed straight for character customization hoping to create a giant red headed freak and was meet with a only a few wardrobe changes. As this game is still early access I can understand this isn't a high priority on their list, however I do hope this is added in more detail for the full release.

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Once I had my Caucasian male created I jumped straight in excited to see Australian servers which soon turned into annoyance. With minimums of 20 mins waiting in the lobby for only ten the players to join. The North American server was a whole different story, with heaps of people jumping in excitedly to try out this game.

While playing it became abundantly clear that this game has been made for streamers and their audiences. However the fustration melted away as soon as I played my first match and started learning about all the features are on offer in early access. The gameplay just came naturally as I learnt to track other players, survive and most importantly collect every resource available.

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It wasn't until I found the spectator mode were the claws of the game really latched on. In every match there is an eleventh player who moves around the battlefield in a translucent bubble. This spectator can follow any player on the map as well as guide the flow of the battle with multiple abilities. Now, playing in this mode did bring out the inner Joker in me, what can I say some men just want to watch the world freeze. One game I saw a player do much better than the rest so I put a target on his back and watched as all the players hunted him down on the map.

In summary, I enjoyed every moment playing in this game even with the few amount of game bugs I encountered. I'm personally very excited to see the end result but until then I'll be sitting on ice.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Scavengers Studio
  • Publisher: Scavengers Studio
  • Genre: Indie, Action, Early Access