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REVIEW: Burnout Paradise: Remastered (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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It's hard to believe that Burnout Paradise is now 10 years old. People have their opinions on what Burnout game was the best, but I really loved Burnout Paradise on my Xbox 360, but playing the original these days it shows that it's clearly aged significantly so it's pretty cool it got remastered, its nothing drastic just minor tweaks and a resolution boost.

I always hold my breath when I hear of a game getting remastered, will it be worth it, what will they do to make people spend more money on a game either really old or a game not worth the time and effort. Burnout Paradise however is a game that I can only describe with the meme of Fry from Futurama saying ‘Shut up, and take my money!’ This is one worthy remaster, I just so happen to own a copy of the 360 version and going from one to the other is like day and night, it's amazing how it can look so clear and detailed. The fact all DLC is included, that’s all DLC vehicles and some other cars you’ll have to find while driving around, take them down than you’ll own them, but even the Big Surf Island DLC area is included. Besides the minor changes and the resolution, all events are the exact same as is online multiplayer.

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But hey, I’m guessing there might be some gamers out there who’ve never played this ever before, so i'll go through the events. There are normal races & Marked Man events which you’ll need to get to a destination all while a couple of other black cars try to stop you before you get there. If you wreck your car too much before reaching your destination, your done. For total fun there's Stunt Run, here you’ll just need to do jumps, smash through signs and gates and use boost to earn as much score. Than we have Road Rage, which is my personal favourite and it feels really good to take your anger out on others and all you need to do here is smash into others and take them down. You’ll have a certain amount you’ll need to takedown but if you surpass that number kudos to you.

But events aren’t all Paradise City offers, there are plenty of billboards and gates to smash through, as well as mega and super jumps. To start any event pull up at any set of traffic lights that has an event and pull down both triggers and it’ll start right away.

There are a wide range of vehicles, some are toy sized, while others are normal sized vehicles. They come in many styles from cop cars, buggy’s, muscle cars and there are even motorcycles. All cars use a form of boost, ranging in a few colours that work in their own ways, though some you’ll need to have the boost bar completely full and it's one big boost while others will let you use bit by bit when you feel like it.

If your vehicle is heavily damaged, out of boost or you want to change the colour of your car there are drive thrus around the city that you can use to do those things. Every street in the game has a time to beat as well as a showtime score to beat and there is an achievement if you can do them all.

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Licenses are the goals of Burnout Paradise, it's the reason you do events to move from one to the next. There are 6 proper licenses in the base game, but bikes and Big Surf Island licenses work as a percentage instead of doing a number of events to pass the license like the base game.

This is where the game keeps giving, it might be 10 years old, but as it's backwards compatible on Xbox One and people still play it to this day, online and offline. I can only see this being the same case for the proper Xbox One version, and now it's also time Playstation owners to be reunited with Burnout Paradise offline and online too.

To get online on Burnout Paradise, pressing right on your d-pad will be what you’ll need to do, once doing that you’ll see a list of options for ranked and player matches, a challenge list that you have to play with at least one other online player, there are also leaderboards and freeburn online. Some modes online are from offline like Road Rage, Marked Man, Stunt Run, what’s online only is Cops and Robbers, here it's a matter of either stealing the gold or as a cop taking it to the station as evidence. Online games can be joined or created and you can dictate if anyone can join or just friends. What slipped my mind was that when playing online you can do crazy challenges with others like jumping off buildings through a giant donut, when doing these both players must succeed to pass the challenges and there is a lot of them, for both areas of the game.

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The biggest change with the remaster is the resolution and overall visual upgrades. Playing on an Xbox One X you’ll get native 4K, PS4 Pro on the other hand doesn’t quite reach the same resolution. I also played the remastered version on my Xbox One S and even base hardware makes the original look like old trash, but no matter the console they all run close or at 60fps. Unfortunately there is no support for HDR but it looks great without it. The level of detail is greater on the remaster, from the traffic lights or when vehicles do burnouts there’s a ton more smoke. Even the clarity of street signs displayed top middle of screen and the minimap have a huge difference when seen in 4K. Something that stuck with the game was that blue tinge seen across the top and sometimes the bottom of screen, it is only ever seen when the time of day is midday, it doesn’t effect the game it just seems very noticeable at a certain time of day in game.

There was never anything wrong with how the game sounded on 360 or PS3, the soundtrack was pretty neat featuring Faith No More, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and other artists. The cars sounded good back in the day and this is still the case for the revamp of the game. What I most love about playing any Burnout game is the fact vehicles are so delicate, a slight touch of a wall or if you bump into another vehicle and it's all over, the sound of the impacts are cringeworthy, you’ll see car fragments flying everywhere and time slows down for a split second making crashing fun as hell.

Is Burnout Paradise worth buying? Yes! It comes with everything from DLC to online multiplayer, and at least on Xbox One X it has the highest resolution possible, it looks good and plays great! A bonus is even if you played it on last gen this will give you the achievements or trophies all over again.

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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Criterion Software
  • Publisher: EA Games
  • Genre: Racing