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REVIEW: World of Warriors (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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You may or may not have heard of this funky fighting game before, but if you have it's because it’s been around on Android and IOS devices since 2014, and now it's launched onto the Playstation 4.

I believe a majority of games should have a difficulty choice, especially games in the fighting genre, they can be rather difficult and as this is both a fighting game and one without a difficulty option some players might find it to be frustrating, it's visuals will draw a younger generation of gamers in and they need a fighting chance to be able to win.

World of Warriors style of visuals and gameplay gives out a friendly vibe, there is no blood and it's not really what I’d call violent, so it's kid friendly.

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World of Warriors hub doesn’t have much to it, it's a tiny hub that has a training area, online arena, a foundry and a temple you’ll go to unlock new fighters, but the largest part is the huge gates opposite of the stairs that leads you to the single player tournament campaign. The roster of characters is quite large boasting 32 Vikings, Ninja’s, Egyptians, Warriors, Spartans and a bunch of other types and to unlock fighters you’ll need honor stones. You’ll have a few given to you before you even fight your first battle in order to purchase your first fighter, but from then on you’ll need to win battles to earn more, though sadly when you buy new characters there randomly selected.

Beating bosses will give you those said fighters for free. All fighters have their own stats from health, strength and defence and you can level them all up. You’ll notice when you play that fighters will be colour coded, and these colours represent the special power element, red is for fire, blue being water, yellow is wind and green is earth. Also fighters are marked as common, rare, super rare and legendary.

How battles work are as follows. Normal fights is the first team to win 2 rounds. If playing solo it's 1v1 but co-op will have battles as 2v2. There are other types of battles where it's yourself versing multiple enemies where you’ll need to take them all out to win, and these types of battles also have side objectives to do. No matter where you battle there is always an interactive element, if it's a huge creature trying to crush players, or a contraption that pulses fire to damage anyone who dares get to close.

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Controlling fighters is pretty damn simple, pressing circle will do a special move, though it's not an unlimited use, you’ll need to collect three orbs to do one special move and some require to be either close or looking at your enemy. Square is light attacks, a combination of square and triangle will also do other moves, R1 allows you block incoming attacks and do parry’s. L1 lets you sprint around, and X can dodge attacks and recover.

You’ll be able to use skills, up to 3 and each fighter has a number of talismans that they can use, just one problem, you’ll need to level up quite a bit for the slots to unlock. Skills give percentages, either increased damage or being able to take more damage but that’s just a snippet of what skills can do. Having skills and potions equipped really improves fighters in the ability to winning faster and easier.

You can craft potions and other nifty items, you can collect them while a match is on via chests will appear, simply hit them to have them drop items, but you’ll earn things from winning battles offline and online. Each class of potions has three levels each and although the first of each is unlocked you’ll need to level up to 20 and 30 to have access to the rest.

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The main stage for World of Warriors is it's singleplayer campaign, it's not just a single player experience, you can co-op battles.

The campaign is known as Tournament. There are areas next to each other on a map and you need to play one to unlock the next. There are 7 main shield landmarks and inside each are smaller shields that have a number of battles inside them, the smaller shields have stars you can earn it just depends how many battles you win.

Versing others online was a challenge in itself, mostly for the fact there are long waiting times to attempt at finding others. Is this for the fact not many are interested playing online or is there server issues? I can’t confirm either but when I did find others the game played okay, not as smooth as offline though. There are two ways to play online, League and Quick Combat. Playing Quick Combat offers no rewards unlike when playing League and no matter which you play there are three ways to play either solo, local friend or remote friend. The multiplayer was quite a let down, but thankfully offline offered enough content to make the game worth the time.

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Both base PS4 and PS4 Pro are 1080p, there is no Pro support. This game is nothing I’d brand next gen visuals there cartoony but realism isn’t what they were trying to show off. The central hub of the game is a 3D world, it’s not all that big though. The many sorts of fighters featured in World of Warriors are full of colour and the arenas in the game are very much alive and look sweet as, textures of the water and general surfaces look mint.

Fighting games these days are a plenty, Injustice, Tekken, UFC and Mortal Kombat, but here is a game that isn’t as violent or as realistic looking but offers just has much fun.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: iOS, Android, PS4
  • Developer: Mind Candy
  • Publisher: Fracture Games
  • Genre: Role-Playing