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REVIEW: Razer Nommo Chroma Speakers (HARDWARE)

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The Razer name has become synonymous with quality in recent times. Nearly everything produced by Razer screams quality. The Razer Nommo 2.0 speakers are no exception.

I had a chance to try out the Nommo Chroma version (identical to the standard version, but with pretty lights and USB Digital) and I was very pleased with the sound they produced. Size wise, the Nommo speakers are not as compact like a lot of other entrants in the speaker field, but they do have style.
The Nommo speakers are a cylindrical speaker with a glass fibre3 inch driver in each one with rear-facing bass ports. They are perched on a round base with a larger than average footprint.

nommo gallery 1500x1000 11

To the sound...the important part... I tested these speakers on a range of different devices to see if it made a difference in sound depending on the device. Starting off, I was impatient in wanting to see how they sounded so I tried on my Sony XZ Premium running Android Oreo. For this I used the 3.5mm analogue cable included in the box.

Now, I like to think of myself as a bit of an audiophile and good sounding speakers are a must in my house. Straight up I was far from impressed with the quality from my phone. I have a Bluetooth Sony SRS-XB3 speaker that I carry with me when I travel, and this speaker which retailed at around the $200 price point when it was available, seemed to destroy the Nommo speakers in terms of music sound quality.

So I played with my settings on my phone to try and get what I consider to be a nice sound, and I didn’t really get there.

nommo gallery 1500x1000 12

Next I tried them on my XBOX ONE. Once again I used the included 3.5mm analogue cable plugged in to my test monitor and then I fired up the XBOX. I tried a couple games such as UFC3, Sea Of Thieves, Just Cause 3 & COD Infinite Warfare.

In game, the sound was much better. These speakers are clearly suited for gaming over music. I found that they were clear and punchy with a sound that puts a smile on your face. I tried a blu-ray movie also and once again these speakers gave a really good crystal-clear sound. The balance of highs, mids and lows by default were pretty good.

In saying all this, I still wasn’t overly impressed with the sound for the price point. What I mean is, you could go and buy a competitor’s 2.1 setup for the same price, if not a bit cheaper and get a better sound for your XBOX gaming.

DSC 0203

Now to my final device for testing, my personal Razer Blade laptop (Note: this laptop was NOT supplied by Razer, but purchased by me because it is awesome).

Connecting the Nommo’s to your PC, you can give the 3.5mm cable the flick and use the gold plated **USB digital connection. Once you connect them up, you then download the latest Razer Synapse software and from here you ca actually configure your speakers for many different sound profiles.
And if you have the Chroma version, this is where you configure the lighting as well.

So I hooked them, installed Synapse and my first test was just some music on Spotify. I played the same song as I did on my phone and the difference in sound was night and day. So I jumped into Just Cause 3 and Tomb Raider on my laptop and let me just say that these speakers came to life.

In Tomb Raider, walking through caverns hearing water drops and echo’s sounded so clear and directional, you would swear you were there. Gunshots and explosions are ridiculously good, even at loud volume, the speakers make sure to actively give you the best sound without distorting. This was even with the bass knob turned to full.

DSC 0201

Playing Forza Horizon 3 with revving engines and tyre squeals, once again the sound was impeccable.

These speakers are made for PC gaming. Yes they have the ability to be used with the analogue cable, but clearly using that cable would be the equivalent to buying a 4K TV only to use it just for 720p... Yes it works, but not at its best.

The standard, non-chroma version is AU$169.95 from Razer. At this price point, they are great buy for PC gaming. The Chroma version is a bit steeper in price. You jump to $249.95 for the exact same speakers, just with pretty lights. That price is a bit steep comparatively however, if you have other Razer Chroma products or just like pretty lights (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) you will most likely pay the extra for the lighting.
Overall these speakers do sound phenomenal when paired with a PC. They just don’t perform to their best when using the old 3.5mm analogue. But that’s OK by me because when used as intended, they will blow the competition away.

Some Specs:

2 x 3-inch full range drivers (1 x per speaker)
Frequency response: 50-20,000hz
USB audio (Nommo Chroma Only)
1 x 3.5mm aux input jack
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
Bass and Volume Control

**NOTE: USB Digital is available on Nommo Chroma Only!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.75 / 5.0
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Price: $169.95 Standard or $249.95 for Chroma