Tuesday, 17 April 2018 14:19

REVIEW: The Witch & The Hundred Knight 2 (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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NIS America and Nippon Ichi Software have made a sequel for their first Witch & The Hundred Knight which was originally released in 2013, but in 2016 it was redone for the Playstation 4, now in 2018 the story is continued this time with better visuals.

Kevala is where The Witch & The Hundred Knight 2 takes place in, it's a place taken over by a disease that only affects young children and it's unknown the origin of the disease. A sign of having this disease is by having a third eye appearing on your forehead and this brings nothing good to those affected or people around them.

You’ll play as the Hundred Knight, simply killing and seeing loads of conversations.

This is a single player action role playing game and having never played the first I really didn’t know what sort of game I was about to review. When I started, right away I knew this wasn’t a game for me and likely the case for many other gamers, i'll get into my reasons shortly. This game offers no difficulty, choice which I truly think every game should have, call it my pet hate with games. Luckily I had no real hassle playing, I leveled up quite frequently to either match my enemies or coming fairly close to their level. The overall purpose of the gameplay is to run around, killing enemies with their own unique look from pumpkins to giant frogs. You’ll face boss battles which are more difficult than your average enemies.

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Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, some better than others. Being a role playing game everything goes by a number and the higher the better. Skills are another feature in the game, these really come in handy when you want to take down a lot of enemies or even just one, the choice is yours on how you want to use them. How to use skills is by pressing R1 with either triangle, square, X or circle.

The Witch & The Hundred Knight 2 takes you to many different areas, but even that can't stop the game feeling like it's a repetitive chore that has the fun sucked right out of it. Now, you don't alway have control of the Hundred Knight, and when you don’t it's still backgrounds and animated characters that don’t move, well only their mouths will and conversations are heard in the selected language as well as being displayed on screen, these can drag out too but you can skip them most of the time. My frustration with the conversations was the fact they cut into the gameplay a lot and it really slowed the game down.

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This new installment gets the PS4 Pro support it deserves, the game is capable of running at 60fps and the resolution options are there in the form of Normal, High and Ultra. It’s a game that really does look a treat on the PS4 Pro. In the regards to visuals and audio this is the best part of the game, as the gameplay is rather repetitive. The HUD shows a range of button layouts as well as your mini map, health bar and a few other things. This is one of the nicest looking games on the PS4, even when playing on a 1080p setting the clarity is unbelievable mostly helped when running at 60fps of course. As for the games audio it's good, either choice of English or Japanese and when played in English it's pulled off well. Music is key when playing a game that involves fantasy, and the musical choices in this title were tip top in my opinion.

I’m torn on if I should say if it's worth buying or not on one hand it's alright, but the repetitive gameplay and story telling just killed it for me and both those elements are what makes most of any game. After looking up about the first game it seems that this is identical with its gameplay so if you did ever play the first and thought it was good enough than you might like this sequel but for a new comer I’d maybe hire or borrow it off a friend before spending the cash.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software, Sega
  • Genre: Role-Playing, Action