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REVIEW: Call Of Duty: WWII - War Machine DLC (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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It’s time again to download new DLC for Call Of Duty: WWII, 3 brand new multiplayer maps, a brand new operation and a new zombies chapter, first on Playstation 4, coming one month later on Xbox One and PC.

Unlike the Resistance DLC, War Machine doesn’t feature a remade map from a past game. The three new maps have their own style and all look freaking awesome. You’ll be in Egypt, a German rocket facility to then being on a boardwalk elsewhere in the world, so lets talk about the maps.

Dunkirk Map

This map takes you to the French seaside of Dunkirk. I quite enjoyed playing a range of modes on Dunkirk, it plays well no matter if your playing TDM, Hardpoint or Domination. Sure there are more modes but these I find to be the most popular. This is a medium sized map that takes place on two types of terrains, the first being a beach, the second being a boardwalk that has small walkways and buildings to go inside to either make your way around the map or to go upstairs and snipe players who are running around outside. Dunkirk offers long range gun fights, as well as in your face melee attacking. Vehicles are scattered around the map for you take cover behind while reloading, and just off map on the beach you’ll see plenty of carnage from a crashed plane to blown up vehicles. Overall, the map has a good flow to it and no matter where you are you're always moving somewhere else and it never felt as though the map cut me off.

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V2 Map

Another great map, taking players to another real location called Peenemunde, Germany. It was here in World War II that the Germans had a rocket facility. It’s what I’d call a medium sized map with plenty of places to hide and to take out the enemy from a distance or you can camp corners to knock off those who pass you by.

V2 is mostly an outside map but there are some buildings you can go inside. You’ll mostly see rockets around the map, even being able to stand on the war head of one to flank from a nice high position. There are some vehicles to take cover with but it's a fairly open map.

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Egypt Map

Egypt is a place that can be hard to believe it actually exist. But it does, and well COD: WWII puts you into a highly detailed version of it. You can’t be in Giza and not have the Great Sphinx of Giza, which can be seen just off the map and really looks cool. The attention of detail that must have been involved to replicate the Hieroglyphics is pretty mind blowing. The map is a mixture of open outside areas as well as being close quarters somewhat underground, with a number of small and tight corridors.

It’s fair to say that I enjoyed each map in this pack, they all looked and played great, but it's time to move onto the next part of the War Machine DLC.

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War Operation Husky

It’s clear that this years “Map Packs” have lost one multiplayer map, replaced with a brand new War Operation. I have dabbled with the base game operations and thoroughly enjoyed them, Resistance gave a brand new operation, and as does this DLC. Titled Operation Husky, this isn’t just about fighting on the ground but also up in the air in a plane which was pretty damn cool.

The plot is your smack bang in the middle of an invasion in Sicily. In the cover of darkness the mission is to gather and transmit intel, the last part is where you take to the skies and shoot the crap out of enemy planes. This mission like the others has you playing both sides, doing one than after completing one the game has you changing sides. These war operations aren’t overly long but it allows you to play Call of Duty in another form other than a 5 hour campaign or online multiplayer.

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Nazi Zombies - The Shadowed Throne

The last chapter for Nazi Zombies in Resistance was killer, and well The Shadowed Throne is double the dose of crazy frantic gameplay with the undead. Marie, Drostan, Olivia and Jefferson are at it again totally fucking up all zombies in their path. The city of Berlin is burning and Doktor Straub’s zombie army are set to kill anything associated with being an allied invader. This chapter looks incredibly realistic, it's all blown to bits and it’s pretty dark, both plot wise and the city’s visuals. Unlocking doorways is key, but there are areas that once there's enough zombies you can get cornered quite easy.

Playing Nazi Zombies alone is possible, but as you push through each wave the game gets rather intense, so playing with others either local or online is the best way to experience Nazi Zombies.

I reviewed the base game and I gave it the praise it deserved. The first DLC pack was worth purchasing and the second DLC, War Machine just adds to the great content Sledgehammer Games is pumping out. Call Of Duty : WWII brought the franchise back to a lot of gamers and the DLC content just extends it ten fold with all maps being fun as hell to play. This DLC, as well as the first are worth buying for anyone who is still playing Call Of Duty: WWII.

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  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: FPS, Action