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REVIEW: Extinction (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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If you've already made the mistake of purchasing this game you may want to return it, for those who bought it digitally enjoy being stuck with the worst game of the year! This is a knock off of two good games, but does copying guarantee success?

What do you get when you add a bit of A.O.T. with a little Shadow of the Colossus? You get a game full of utter disappointment. The biggest mistake was not creating their own idea for a game, creators of Extinction just thought a copy and paste would make them a hit game which it failed to do so.

You play as a warrior named Avil, it’s his duty to save the people by taking down giants, that are known as the Ravenii. War has been going on for generations between the townspeople, however the true enemy are the giant Ravenii, they’ll destroy villages and kill the villagers, but the Ravenii aren’t the only enemy, there are smaller enemies some are green ogres other enemies can fly and they will attack townspeople.

The concept of gameplay isn’t anything original, and at least in Extinction it fails with it's gameplay, nothing but repeating the game actions over and over. Save the people in the village, attack and kill enemies and then take down the Ravenii, but take too long will result in the village becoming completely destroyed causing you to fail. The biggest problem about this is the fact that taking down the Ravenii is what will cause you fail most of the time with the fact they one hit kill you. When attempting to attack their weak points they move quickly as if they know what your doing before you even do it. Then trying to climb them you’ll end up stuck in armpits, groins or simply falling off for no reason, and those god awful clunky camera angles really got up my goat.

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There is no multiplayer, the closest thing to it is playing modes other than the campaign and beating other players scores.

There is a campaign and along with three other modes. The campaign consists of 7 chapters, each has a number of missions that all have a primary objective as well as optional medals to earn. Chapters will unlock as you play through them.

Avil has skills that he'll possess right from the start, there are more skills but you’ll need to buy them and you can upgrade them until they're maxed out. Skills include more health, light foot and upgrading your grapple whip. Completing missions will earn you the skill points needed to buy new skill upgrades.

The campaign isn’t much to go on about, but that’s not all there is do, the three other modes stretch out the game. There's a daily challenge mode that updates each day, Skirmish is the second mode, it's very much the same as the campaign, save people in the village, take down Ravenii. Than we have Extinction, here you’ll face loads of enemies and if you die it's game over.

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Nothing could save this game, so the fact it's not supported on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X doesn’t really matter. The world of Extinction isn’t realistic looking, but it is quite colourful. The HUD shows very little, the mini map, health bar and a kill strike metre, which is for killing the Ravenii and a percentage is also shown of the destruction of the village your in created by the Ravenii. Enemies all look much the same as each other, Ravenii’s are all the same size and somewhat the same colour, most of the time the only real difference is their armour. The same can be said about the villages, they all look the same and for places supposedly being around for a very long time they look like they're made of paper and when Ravenii’s hit them they just tear into small pieces of paper like material.

Is Extinction worth buying? If you haven’t already caught on, the answer is a big fat NO! It just isn’t worth playing, instead go play Attack on Titan or if you own a Playstation 4, play Shadow of the Colossus. There is future DLC content coming soon to the game but I wouldn’t count on it being worth the money or time going by the base game.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 2.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Iron Galaxy
  • Publisher: Maximum Games
  • Genre: Action / Adventure