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REVIEW: Far Cry 5 (Xbox One)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Where to begin with Far Cry 5? Patiently waiting for the release, I went in with very high hopes after being lucky enough to play a snippet at EGX (Birmingham) in September 2017. It delivered, my first console game in some time to put in the effort to 100% the title, almost getting there too.

Far Cry 5 is based around a cult called Eden’s Gate run by the Seed family, set in the beautiful but rugged landscape of Montana in a fictional town called Hope County. Joseph Seed is the father of Eden’s Gate with his two brothers (John, and Jacob) and adopted sister Faith. The believe they are making a new movement and want to get away from government restraints. With cults like Eden’s Gate, sometimes having their believable messages and good points brought forward. They action these in a very twisted way, one being the use of a drug they call Bliss to numb the senses and heighten their believes and dreams.

The opening credits to Far Cry 5, I felt were an important introduction to the story of Far Cry 5. Showing the locals in a documentary style setting, airing their views on their hometown and Eden’s Gate. You are a rookie and begin with travelling by helicopter to the main compound to arrest Joseph Seed, with the Sheriff giving his concerns on entering the compound but with an arrogant and glory hunting U.S Marshal wanting to make his mark. As with most Far Cry games it is an escape, you have an option like in number 4 for a short and sweet ending. But I will not go into the details much further regarding the intro in fears of spoilers.

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Once you have made your escape, you are left with plenty, and I mean plenty of options to take on the games core. There are three main districts, with a fourth for the final encounter. The three are headed by Joseph Seed’s siblings. You can take these in any order you wish, but there is an order Ubisoft have set out if you wish to follow.

The game itself is beautifully rendered, with plenty of amazing views and locales to frequent. It puts you in a false safety net with its beauty, sometimes forgetting the nasty underbelly rising. The controls feel smooth and like previous titles. With the vehicles having their moments of annoyance in handling, but these can be forgiven. When some of the terrain, being very difficult especially off road which is very uneven and expected. There are plenty of land, water and air vehicles available with most being customizable. This is the same with the weapons, but with what I have discovered to most people’s anger have drop bullet mechanics. Which are rumoured to be patched, but not confirmed.

One of my favourite elements is having air and land support from locals and story characters unlocked through story progression. The favourites for some being Boomer (Dog), Peaches (Mountain Lion) and Cheeseburger (Bear). This support is very much needed, as your notoriety grows, so does the bounty on your head. With moments in the story depending on your district, being head hunted by the family. A welcomed addition to this support, is having three online players taking the support slots if you so wish. But the progress is linked to the host of the multiplayer session.

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Talking about multiplayer, there are Arcade Machines scattered around the county. Where you can access the Arcade Editor in which you can make your own modes and mini games. With the option to play and rate other peoples creations. It is very interested and amazing to see what people have and will create. My only downfall to Far Cry 5, is the multiplayer. As I feel it runs like the old FPS games. Which to some people is welcomed, but I can not seem to find a comfortable gameplay style to gain the upper hand.

Far Cry 5 is massive with other optional missions, such as fishing and hunting. Which can be exciting to some but mundane to others. But if you want to 100% the game or complete all achievements these are a must. There are also stunt runs based around a stuntman called Clutch Nixon, which I find hilarious with a retro feel but also a little joke at the American mindset. In no way is it a nasty joke, it is just a bit of fun at the American Pride.

The story is dark but in a weird way beautiful at times, with good points made and knocks at our current mindset in this world. On our views and beliefs brought into question, with religious annotations. The soundtrack is full of choir style music, which gives a sense of brainwashing and makes their message seem a lot more positive than it is at times. I was sucked in by the story, really wanted to see the outcome. But I can not say much about this as there is a choice, with different consequences but as I said before spoilers.

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The characters really pull you in, with the Seed family getting infamous for their looks. With people believing they are attractive. For example, Joseph Seed would fit in with current fashion. Being heavily tattooed and having the infamous man bun and beard. Ubisoft have been very clever in making the characters feel believable and have a sense of, I know someone that looks like these people. The games core itself can be completed in a few hard sessions, but the side quests and for the achievement hunters it has a lot more playability. It also features live events, with deadlines and limited time items.

In all, I was very happy with the game. It delivered, it showed some hard work and dedication to the telling of the story. My only downfall as I said was the multiplayer, it feels unfinished. Which might be a move towards the community building it. I highly recommend people play this game and make

it a must buy for everyone out there. With a season pass and DLC to come, it will be a game you will return to once even finishing the game. Which all developers want. I have nothing but respect for this, as it is a long and drawn out process building a game, a world to immerse yourself in and continue to return to. With hidden Easter Eggs and some secret missions to discover they have made sure people explore and take in the beauty of game development.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Red Storm, Ubisoft Kiev, Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Toronto
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre: FPS, Action / Adventure