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REVIEW: Destiny 2: Warmind DLC (Xbox One)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Destiny, the game so many people love to hate...

OK, enough joking around, it is time to jump into the second DLC instalment for Destiny 2. Warmind (Season 3) brings some added extras to the title like their previous DLC, first being an increase to the level cap taking it to 30 and a power cap of 380, but can increase to 385 with mods available. To some this is always a good extra as you can chase the glory of being the most powerful guardian. But it comes at a grind.

We return to the new, but old planet of Mars, which brings with it a new campaign story based around the AI Warmind Rasputin. The story of Destiny has always been a touchy issue for some as it fills in some gaps but leaves many more open. There are theories as to why this is, but I do not want to get political in a sense with the game. As I jokingly said, the game people love to hate. Bungie must be doing something right, as it still sells many copies and always draws people back. In my opinion I like the Destiny franchise and as I do agree with some comments, I take it as it is. They give you the product, it is your choice to purchase knowing the history.

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A new raid has also been added called "Spire of Stars". As with previous raids, it continues the story of Leviathan and is in essence, a mini raid with a final boss battle. Most interesting is a new mode named "Escalation Protocol", which is a wave based public event with exclusive rewards and new bosses. Crucible also receives two new maps based on mars with new Armour, Weapons and Exotics to find and reward yourself with a grind. They've slowed player progression, which feels like it was done to make the DLC feel longer than it really is.

As Bungie always do, they bring the beautiful graphics and soundtrack to the DLC. I always feel engrossed when their battle music enters and when a character speaks. They made some great choices with the voice actors and the composers, and hands down deserve recognition for this in all of the Destiny Universe.

In all, the story can be finished within a couple of hours and brings lots of new little add-ons to the table. It is short, but a sweet bit of DLC to bring people back to Destiny. As I said, I enjoy Destiny and just take it as it is, I refuse to let any negativity in the title put me off in trying what Bungie brings to Destiny. You may have noticed, I did not explain to much about the story or the base of Warmind as I don't want to spoil anything within the lore and give my opinions based around what has been added around this. With everything Destiny, there are two sides. Like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

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