MapleStory’s New Halloween-Themed Update Midnight Monster Bash Announced

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Players are getting a frightening amount of events in MapleStory’s new Midnight Monster Bash update next week. Also returning are Thanksgiving and Maple Music Festival events, ensuring players have more than enough to gorge out on this holiday.

New Halloween event: Hallowkitty’s Halloween Bash (Oct. 24 - Nov. 7)

* Collect Halloween candy, earn rewards and fight a giant pumpkin;

* Take a seat in the Trick or Treat Chair. If players have Trick or Treat Candy in their inventory and other players click on the chair, they will receive candy. Collect lots of candy and they may earn a spot on the in-game ranking and receive special rewards;

* Summon the Cat-O-Lantern and feed it Halloween candy to level it up and change its appearance. Players earn a boost, too.

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Returning Halloween events

* Madhouse Dungeon (Oct. 18 – Nov. 14) takes place in a haunted hospital. Explore multiple rooms, solve time-based puzzles and collect clues that will reveal the hospital’s spooky secrets;

* In Murgoth Dungeon (Oct. 18 – Oct. 31), players face off against fierce enemies based on the five MapleStory jobs (Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate).

* In Dark Lords of Darkness (Oct. 24 – Nov. 14), players collect talismans dropped by defeated monsters and use these items to complete other quests and earn rare totem rewards.

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New event: Cat of All Trades (Nov. 7 - Nov. 28)

* Players can decorate their new Custom Kitty summon by completing special missions.

* As players hunt monsters, fight bosses, and explore other content, they build up the courage, curiosity, and stamina of their Custom Kitty which also affects its appearance.

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Returning Thanksgiving events (Nov. 7 - Nov. 28)

* Hunt Plump Turkey monsters to earn restorative items and Thanksgiving-themed equips;

* Collect Turkey Eggs from monsters to earn a Turkey Pet among other rewards;

* Fight food that’s come to life and earn special stat buffs.

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Returning event: Maple Music Festival (Oct. 24 - Nov. 14)

Celebrate music by playing mini-games, such as ducking and dodging in a game of Limbo, watching a fireworks festival and collecting food for the BBQ;
Throughout the event, players earn MMF Coins which can be taken to special coin shops to exchange for rewards, such as chairs and equips.