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Origin: Earthrealm
Alignment: Good
Story: Nightwolf is one of few Earthrealm mortals with a strong connection to the spirit world. A powerful Native American shaman, he is guided by the empyrean forces and communes with divine beings such as: Haokah, known to the East as Raiden. Nightwolf’s devotion allows the Spirits to work through him, granting him unnatural long life and ethereal weapons to kombat the darkness that threatens mortal kind. In the coming crisis, however, it is not Nightwolf’s arsenal that will alter fate. His faith in the Spirits will inspire those who have lost hope.

Special Moves

  • Axe Swing: D, F, FP
  • Arrow Shot: D, B, FP
  • Choke: D, F, BP
  • Lightning: D, B, FK
  • Reflect: D, B, BP
  • Shoulder: F, F, BK


  • Fatality 01 – Little Off The Top: D, F, D, B, BK (Jumping Distance)
  • Fatality 02 – Ascension: D, D, F, B, FP (Sweeping Distance)
  • Babality: F, B, F, B, FP (Jumping Distance)
  • Stage: D, D, D, BL
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