Our EB Expo 2017 Wrap Up

The EB Expo has been and gone for another year. This year however, was at the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. Back where it all started. Here is my take on the expo this year and for something different, I took my 9 year old son with me to see what it is like from a kids perspective.

The expo this year felt smaller than previous years. It seemed you get from end to end and side to side without having to do a half marathon. This is good and bad. It’s good because I am lazy and it’s not so good because it means there is less to see and do. Maybe it was because of the limited space at the Gold Coast or that the competition of PAX AUS is taking away from the expo. Either way, it was still good to have back in my home state.

The size issue aside, there was still a good deal to see and do. Also, the EB Expo megastore was a nice touch... but back to that later.

Walking in I saw the XBOX stand showing off the XBOX ONE X with Forza 7 and I have to say, with the right TV, it looked bloody AWESOME! XBOX was showing off some other games like Super Lucky Tails. It looked and felt much like Crash Bandicoot. Both my son and I had a go at this and it was really fun.

IMG 5481

Moving on, my next stop was the Nintendo stand. This place was packed! Probably the busiest stand in the place. I once wrote an article about how the Nintendo Switch, with the hardware failures and lack of cloud saves at the time, could be the last nail in Nintendo’s coffin... Never ever have I been so happy to wrong. I got my hands on Mario Odyssey and while it is much like the much older Mario 64 from the Nintendo 64 era, it is a really fun game. We had 10 mins with the demo and it was awesome sauce!
Nintendo also had and an ARMS competition going on, on its main stage. I am not a fan of games like ARMS, but there were plenty of people enjoying themselves there.

Looking at the content of the Nintendo stand and the demand to play these games, the Switch looks like it is anything but the failure I wrote about... It’s OK, I am big enough to admit I was totally wrong.

IMG 5413

Sony Playstation was also there showing off the new Gran Turismo among other games. With no new hardware to show off (not that they need it right now), it wasn’t too packed.
Ubisoft as usual, had the new Just Dance 2018 on display to dance to. This year they were showing it off on the Switch. But sadly it seemed they had more down time than dance time due to the game constantly crashing. I can’t say if it was caused by the Switch or the game, but it certainly wasn’t good. Kudos to the guys and girls on stage though, they kept the vibe upbeat while the issue was worked on. The Crew 2 was also there along with Assassins Creed Origins.

IMG 5423

Bethesda had The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II on display, both of which I am looking forward too.

It was good to see a lot of hardware on display too. Razer was showing off its awesomeness with its gamer-ready hardware. If you want top quality, Razer is the brand to turn to these days. We use Razer equipment in our office, and none of it has missed a beat thus far.

HP had its presence with its Omen line in a semi-trailer playing the super-fun Overwatch. Hey, if you want to be noticed, show up in a semi!

Astro had much of its hardware there to look at and test. These guys do make some of the best headphones out there on the market at the moment.

PDP was showing off its new Switch accessories along with the rest of its catalogue for XBOX and PS.

There was also a Retro gaming patch where you could play all the retro consoles which always seemed to be packed. It is good to see everyone still enjoying the games from my childhood.


There were arcade machines and pool tables to play on in another area near the Nintendo stand which once again, was always quite busy.

And of course what would an Expo be with an Activision entry... Call Of Duty WWII was there also.

The EB Games megastore was just that... MEGA! So many bargains to be had, especially on Sunday afternoon. The line up just to get in to the store was an hour long at some points over the weekend. But once in, it was worth it.

IMG 5485

As I said in the beginning, I took my son a long this year for a kids perspective. It’s not often we have a chance to offer our advice on events like this in regards to taking along your kiddies. My 9 year old absolutely loved it, I figured he would since he is a tech-head like his dad. He had fun playing the games that he was allowed to play and enjoyed watching some of the on-stage stuff. I wouldn’t go as far to call this years Expo kid-friendly... it wasn’t “unfriendly” as such, but there wasn’t heaps he could participate in. Also, there was no arm bands for kids. Not that I saw anyway. Maybe there was and I missed it, but parents will know what I am talking about. Those arm bands like you get at the Ekka from the police that have contact information for the parent on it.

IMG 5482

The event is not really catered towards kids, but I just wanted to include my experiences for all the parents out there that may be wondering for next time.

It was pretty much shoulder to shoulder throughout the days which just shows how popular the EB Expo still is. Even though I was happy the expo had made it back to the Gold Coast, I think that venue is still too small for an event such as EB Expo. All-in-all, it was a great expo, and I look forward to next year.