Phantasmal: The Shunned Ones

Every room and corridor in the game is created from the ground up on a component basis, i.e. the floors, ceilings, walls, stairs, etc. No level will ever be constructed the same - almost every room and hallway will be completely unique. This means the player will never be able to rely on knowledge of a previous map - they will always face the unknown whenever a new game starts.


This element of uncertainty keeps the game consistently scary every play through.

This also ties in neatly to the themes of insanity that the developer has infused into the game. The character the player controls is a broken man who finds himself on the brink of insanity. Much of what he sees and hears may or may not be real.

There is limited combat in the game, although like many of the developer's favorite horror games such as the early Silent Hill and Dead Space games, it should be used as a last resort action. The player has to decide on sneaking by the creatures, fighting them, running from them or a combination of all approaches.

Resources will be scarce, and the player will have to scavenge mainly makeshift weapons such as wooden boards and pipes.



  • Infinite Replayability - Every room and corridor in the building is created from the ground up on a component basis.
  • Insanity system - fighting the creatures will slowly drive the player mad, and they will suffer the effects of their slowly eroding sanity.
  • Self Defense - Players can defend their life with anything from wooden boards and pipes they rip from the walls. If they're lucky they may find a gun locker, but on each level there will only be one!
  • Stealth - Fighting is a last resort tactic. Players can sneak past their enemies. Each action they take will have a consequence and creating too much of a ruckus will wake The Sleeper.
  • Light - Players have to make sure they use their light sources wisely - their orch will sometimes be your greatest liability.
  • Character Progression - Death is not the end. Players will accumulate XP every playthrough which will allow players to grow your character and come back stronger.

Now I would like to say that I have played the ALPHA build of this game, and while there are glitches (to be expected in an ALPHA), the game had no dramas in scaring the hell out of me! *pants check for poo*

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