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PREVIEW: Scum (Steam Early Access)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Scum is already the most successful launch title for Devolver Digital, smashing all their previous records. This game has been in a lot of people’s minds since teased in 2017. Croteam and Gamespire have a great track record in game development. From Titles such as Serious Sam. They really do like to add their touch and spin and it really shows in this game.

For the people that understood that tagline, congratulations you are a little bit cooler in my eyes. But contrary to belief, this is no spin off from the UK Movie Scum. It has its similarities not least the name but could not be further from being linked to the movie. You are a prisoner left on an island in Croatia and your role is to survive. If thirst, hunger or any type of sickness does not finish you off, another player will. It draws similarities from Day Z with a twist of Hunger Games but has its own take on the genre.

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This game is in Early Access, so is no full representation of the game just as of yet but it is a great introduction to what is to come. You are left on an island of Croatia and have to fight to survive. From the very integrate Metabolism system, zombies, robots and other survivors. You have to collect resources and supplies to build your weapons and shelter. But this is a unforgiving task, due to a limited inventory but can be rectified by looting properties to find clothing and bags.

Back to the Metabolism system, this is a new and interesting new system in the world of gaming. It is very detailed and includes so much information that at first is daunting but once understood is an amazing tool. You can check your calories intake and usage, heart rate, what your body is digesting (Yes you need to use the bathroom for a one and a two), water percentage, remaining teeth and a lot more. It is a crazy amount of detail but have a lot of respect for the work gone into it and find it a great addition.

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You can find some very good items, but this involves entering fenced off compounds that are patrolled by Overpowered Robots that will fire only seconds after warning you to leave. This is when strategy and stealth come into play. Best worked as a team, as you can watch one another’s backs but finding a nice person is easier said than done. As with most survival, people are quick to shoot before questions are asked. So, you use your own way to approach these situations.

When you die, you lose all items. To spawn back in costs FP (Fame Points), these can be earnt from kills, crafting and entering PVP events. These are run at request of the players, from Team Deathmatch to Cargo. Which is another great addition to the game. To spawn back on team mates, if you have managed to buddy up costs a lot more in fame. The game is run as if you are on a TV series, you will be followed at times by flying cameras watching the action and the fight is to be the top FP player in the server.

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Graphically the game is stunning, and since launch has already had a lot of tweaks and adjustments. The developers of this title are working so hard to keep the community happy, this can be seen on their social media. Controls of the game take some time to get use to, as you can control your speed with the centre mouse button which I think is great. Choosing when to use the most stamina at the right times. The inventory system needs some work I feel, as it is quite confusing to get to grips with the inventory space and what you can carry in hand.

I recommend this game, even if you are not ready to play in its current state, which is great anyway. Then watch this title and its progress, from the amount of updates already applied since launch its showing promise and a team that listens. This review will be in progress, to follow its journey.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: So Far... 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now - Steam Early Access
  • Platform: PC, Steam
  • Developer: Devolver Digital
  • Publisher: Gamepires, Croteam
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Simulation