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Remember Me Review

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The cover design for this game is intriguing with a punk style mass effect look which helped pump me up for the game but the moment I booted it I am greeted with a please wait while game installs data thus killing a lot of my hype immediately. The forced install only took about 10 minutes but its not of to a good start.

Once the game was installed you're greeted with a unique menu UI that actually looks impressive and given 3 difficulty choices on the single player campaign "Script Kiddie", "Errorist Agent" and "Memory Hunter".Script Kiddie looks like a mode for those who just want a story experience while Errorist Agent is the perfect blend of the two and Memory Hunter for the people looking for a serious challenge but I went with Errorist Agent for the perfect blend.

The game is based in a futuristic Paris at the year 2084 in a world ran by the Memorize Corporation where each human has a "Sensen" which enables the population to upload and share their memories as well as deleting memories they don't want.You are "Nilin" an ex memory hunter who has been forced to get her memories deleted at a prison called "La Bastille" but as the process is taking place she hears a man named "Edge" from the rebel crew "Errorist" who then gives her a chance to escape then tells her the story of what's going on. I won't spoil it for you so you'll need to play it yourself.

Your quickly introduced in the prelude to the story and immediately thrown into combat on episode 1 which feels very similar to the recent Batman games but a lot more confusing and the game is using something similar to the climbing mechanics from Batman but again slightly more confusing and found myself just falling off things due to not seeing a clear path at times. You're given the ability to customize your chain combos and add effects like "regen" which helps in long fights with enemies but I am not a fan of the combat in this game and was quite bored with it almost immediately.



You run through a broken world full of rejected freaks until you come across an old friend who is extremely excited to see you and gives you some items you lost than randomly your life is at risk and as a natural reflex you immediately dive into her memories and you're given a tutorial and a first glimpse of her greatest ability "Memory Remixing". The memory remixing reminds me of Assassins Creed with even the memory glitches being the target to find to alter the event and change the outcome.


After many attempts and failing miserably a few times I finally managed to find the correct glitches for the desired result but instead of it being an accomplishment it felt more like a chore. This feature is interesting though but they should've just spent a little more work on it to make it easier and removed the entire "move L to rewind". The combat is not fluid and I just wasn't liking what they did with the combo moves, almost everything I saw in this game was a cut copy of games like Assassin's Creed or Batman but altered to not be as good.

The story is brilliant and it really sets the mood but I can't help but think this would've made a FAR better movie with the right actors behind it as it has everything a good sci­fi movie needs. The voice acting behind the main character of the game does her job well and I was impressed with her efforts and the rest of cast tries but doesn't quite hit the same quality.


The audio in the game is okay but not brilliant, with a lot of futuristic techno tracks splashed with female vocals that does the job of setting the future mood and environment.

I once made the mistake of clicking "downloadable content" at the menu to be greeted with the game exiting itself and launching the normal playstation store.This was a bad experience and that took up time loading up over again and couldn't help but think they should've went with something similar to the call of duty store option which is quick easy and doesn't require the game to exit. 


The game tries to be a AAA and in a lot of ways it is but it falls short with its unimpressive combat that seem long and button mashing and the climbing feature feeling like a lite version of Batman: Arkham City.


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7 / 10


Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment

Publisher: Capcom

Platform: PC / Playstation 3 / XBOX 360

Release Date: June 4, 2013

Genre: Action Platformer

Rating: M