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REVIEW: 2064: Read Only Memories Integral (Nintendo Switch)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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Cyberpunk is such an interesting genre. According to Wikipedia, Cyberpunk is anything science fiction in a future setting, in particularly when "high tech and low life" facets collide in society. It features advanced technology and science, coupled with some sort of breakdown or radical change in the pecking order of life. Fifth Element, one of my favourite movies is a prime example of this. The flashing, neon lights of the advanced city, contrasted by Corbin Dallas’s run down yet flying taxi in a very corrupt world, had me mesmerised. The though of society even in the future having so many problems is a complex and interesting one.

‘2064: Read Only Memories’ is yet another ported to Nintendo Switch game. This Cyberpunk, point and click game by MidBoss was developed back in 2015 and initially started as a Kickstarter. Even though it is set in the future, everything about it is retro inspired, all the way down to the colours, music and stylings.

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The year is 2064 in Neo – San Francisco, a neon dream and melting pot of genetic modification and technological advancement. The game opens up as you, the main character, reflecting on the difficulties of living; no money and obligations to be met. Already it is all too real. Suddenly Turing enters the scene, an android known as a ‘Relationship Organisational Manager’ or ROM for short. Society is run but these ROMs but Turing is different, he is much more. Some would say almost sentient. Turing is distressed, his maker Hayden and your once close friend, has been kidnapped. Does the technology company ‘Parallax’, he worked for, jealous of his creative genius or are more sinister things at foot? Do you have the knowledge and investigative skills to help Turing find his creator? Take the journey into this futuristic mystery.

Gameplay in this is quite simple. There isn’t any really. As I mentioned before it is more a point and click adventure. While it is simple there is however, a lot of dialogue to read and sift through. Each chapter has multiple environments, you, the protagonist, must explore. Each area has objects you must talk to, look at, touch or use other collected objects to interact with. Using the analogue sticks to do this at times can be touchy, but generally this is quick to adjust to. Collecting items and using lines of conversations are the keys to progressing this game. There are some mini games scattered sparingly throughout the game, and while these break up the, sometimes, overwhelming flow of information, they are very simple, not very enticing and don’t hold your attention long.

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While simple in play, the plot is the guts of this game. The characters are very well developed, intriguing and surprisingly intricate emotionally, which goes hand in hand with the very relatable themes of fitting in and equality, issues we still have in society as each generation passes. The voice acting was delightful, especially Turing, you had an air of grace, charm and dare I say it about a robot; vulnerability.

The visuals are not anything new to a lot of indie, ported over games as of late to the Nintendo Switch; in the fact, they are of the simple pixelated art style commonly loved in the 80’s era. Since the setting is a retro-futuristic world, these seem quite fitting, but I don’t know, I just expected more. I would have liked to have seen some traces of more high-tech visuals sprinkled amongst it as the Cyberpunk-ness does get overwhelming after a while. I did however love the electric, backing soundtracks, as each track gave each scene a Black Runner vibe you just couldn’t ignore.

Overall, ‘2064: Read Only Memories’ is just that; a read only game. This will certainly not be for everyone as the action is very subtle and created through your own interpretations of reading dialogue and scenes. While gameplay is on the sluggish side, the character development is certainly a tale worth sticking around for till the end credits. This bright and colorful technological journey will reel you in with its slow burn.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, iOS, Android, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: MidBoss, LLC.
  • Publisher: MidBoss, LLC., AGM PLAYISM
  • Genre: Indie, Adventure