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REVIEW: 20XX (Nintendo Switch)

Written by Kevin Lal
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20XX is a retro style platformer from developers Batterystaple Games. It began its life almost four years ago as PC Early Access in November 2014 then going to Full Release in August 2017. Now, with Publishers Fire Hose Games joining them after a successful Kickstarter, it is coming to consoles!

Throughout my time playing these types of games I have discovered how many people are “patiently” awaiting a new Megaman. There have been several attempts to fill this gap along the journey, even more recently but Batterystaple Games want to offer another.

You have a choice of two characters, one female (Nina) and one male (Ace). You are required to travel to different sectors to take down robotics that are running around and causing destruction and mayhem in their paths. These levels themselves have a seed element so every level you play is newly generated offering a different gameplay aspect each time. You can go it alone or with a friend locally or online, adding a great dynamic to the game.

The gameplay itself is typical of a platformer of this type but feels very smooth and responsive in action. One added touch to the controls is the cash element, making transitions and progress feel a lot easier adding another tool to help you survive in those moments you feel over run or adding an ability to reach areas that seem out of reach. You have one life, once you lose that health bar it is game over. It is very unforgiving in the sense but adds the challenge and the want to get further on your next try.

As you progress levels you gain 
salvage such as nuts and bolts which can be used within the title screen, which in itself acts as your Homebase. Featuring daily and weekly challenges that also only allow one attempt, items store and upgrades. Making you able to grow in strength allowing you the ability to perform better on your next attempt. It does offer a reverent mode allowing you to play the game with lives if you feel that the challenge is too much.

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The sound track is great and has that retro feel without overdoing it. It is the same with the sound effects which offer more to the atmosphere of the game and fit well within the title. Personally, I think this title is made for Nintendo Switch as you can pick up and play without too much involvement allowing for quick gaming breaks in your spare time without the full time grabbing elements that some titles have.

I feel 20XX needed more, you do not feel as accomplished and rewarded as you should with a game of this difficulty. It is presented very well and as I said the soundtrack goes hand in hand with the title itself. It’s a good effort from Batterystaple Games and for people that want that Megaman feel it’s a title you should try.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Batterystaple Games
  • Publisher: Batterystaple Games, Fire Hose Games
  • Genre: Indie, Action, Misc