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REVIEW: Apparition (PC)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Apparition is one of them titles you must experience not play.

Apparition is another horror title developed by MrCiastku who has brought some great additions to the genre with the Shadows titles among others. Very mysterious developer to find information on as all bios are empty or have little information which in a sense adds some more mystery to the titles.

I know what first thoughts are for a lot of people in the industry and it will be another horror survival game with narratives and little to go on. But Apparition took me off guard, it sideswiped me. Off the bat I will admit as a fan of this genre I find it hard to be jump scared or made to feel on the edge of my seat. That isn’t a requirement for me to love these games, as I admire the hard work and development of the games. It is a hard atmosphere to create. That being said, I jumped more than I care to admit and was freaked out by the atmosphere, sounds and landscape in this title.


It plays on the saying the things you do not see but hear are the scariest of them all, that feeling that someone or something is with you. That nail-biting anxiousness that you will walk a corner or turn around and you are faced with something you do not wish to see, but at the same time you do.

You are a paranormal investigator entering Green Creek to investigate and document the area regarding killings by someone nicknamed Plague. You have 100 limit storage to pick from items to use on your investigation, but these also cost Experience Points you earn through your playthroughs. Once you have made your choices the fun begins, it is almost midnight and you enter Green Creek. Your task is to gain as much paranormal evidence as possible. That can be from taking pictures of body bags, blood or from recording Ouija Board footage. You can find located around the area scraps of paper with questions on them to use when sitting at your Ouija Board. Another way to gain evidence is luring monsters and trapping them.


These are no easy tasks, as you go to explore and find yourself always on edge as you feel you are constantly being watched and worried what could happen if you let your guard down. You will need to take moments to sit back, watch your surroundings and at times take evidence in the scariest of moments. From watching monsters/apparitions roaming to speaking to them on the board.

I have come face to face at points with these monsters and as I said before, I jumped. It has been a very long time since a game has managed this and that is when I personally know we have a winner in the horror genre coming to the gaming industry They are very well created and with the sounds to match that horribly eerie atmosphere. I genuinely am curious to see people’s reactions to this game. It is an experience more so than a game. Do not miss understand, it is a game with full control and no locked in story driven narratives, the controls feel great and my only negative thing to say is the style of the buttons and menus. Feel like they need polishing, but it is Early Access and there is always time to improve and tweak.


This is a single player title, and for some this is always a weakness. But Apparition is not about fun and co-op, it is an experience you want alone. To add any of those elements will take away from the type of game it is projecting. It is a PC only title as I write this and have not heard any reports as of yet if it will enter the console market.

For horror fans this is highly recommended and with a Halloween launch it fits well with content creators and streamers out there and is definitely one to add to their libraries. With easy to pick up controls, a very well developed and created atmosphere.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Halloween 2018
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: MrCiastku
  • Publisher: Fat Dog Games
  • Genre: Indie, Action, Early Access
  • URL: www.apparitiongame.com