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REVIEW: Black Clover: Quartet Knights (Playstation 4)

Written by Kredundead
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Black Clover: Quartet Knights is from game developers Ilinx and published by Bandai Namco who need no introduction. One of the veterans in the gaming industry.

It is the first chapter in a series coming to consoles and has a promising premise, but does it deliver?

The game begins with an Anime Cartoon, which I love in my opinion. Always find it captivating to watch, seeing the hard work that goes into the drawing style. It is a typical story of the genre, full of betrayal and bad guys that need taking down a peg or two. Then in comes our hero, but he does not know it, as of yet.

You play as Asta, in a world where everyone has some type of magical ability but yourself being the only one with no magic powers in sight but equipped with an anti-magic sword. You work in a team of four, usually covering Support, Shooter, Aggressor and healer. Made up of long friends and with their own backstories and behaviours towards Asta and vice versa.

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Graphically the cutscenes look and play out very well, making you feel like you are watching an anime and keeping you interested but find the in-game graphics are lacking some depth and needs polishing and find the dialogue scenes a little too stiff.

The controls take some getting use to with the camera angles being difficult to follow at times. But it is a lock on and hack and slash style, with magic abilities thrown in and link moves with your team members.

It is a dungeon-based game, set in missions and chapters. So, you are in reasonably sized areas and the goal is to hack and slash your way to the end. From the outlook it would seem to be an open world style game, but it is far from that. I felt for the fans of the Black Clover franchise, you would expect a full world with depth and exploration. Unfortunately, it gets very repetitive, but offers the chance to fight others and climb the ranking online for an alternative to the story.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.4 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4
  • Developer: Ilinx, Inc
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Indie, Early Access, Adventure