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REVIEW: Call Of Duty: WWII - United Front DLC (Playstation 4)

Written by Brett Hale
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Call Of Duty: WWII has dropped its third DLC titled "United Front" which consists of three brand new Multiplayer maps, a new War Mission and a Nazi Zombies mode which is something different compared to the first two DLC packs.

All three DLC maps in this pack are brand new original maps, and takes players to three very different places with each putting you into both short and long range gunfights. Let's start by talking about the multiplayer maps.

Market Garden

This map is set at night, taking place on a property that has a large mansion in the middle of the Netherlands.  It isn’t overly big, but you’ll have plenty of corners to get up into someone’s face and it creates some tension especially when playing in a hardcore playlist with no minimap. You’ll have a mix of inside and outside areas, running and gunning through a kitchen, greenhouse and even a bathroom. There's plenty of boxes and other objects to take cover behind but it's a map that no matter where you are there’s always so many ways someone could come at you.


Next up is Stalingrad. This map takes place in a factory facility based in a snowy region and has two types of gun fights, close range and long distance. You'll also find confined areas above ground as well as an underground section. At each end of the map are high vantage points, but the fact the map is small means you’ll always be close to an enemy so staying still isn’t the best way to play on this map.

Monte Cassino

This map is your typical war torn village based in Italy, it's a close combat map where you’ll never hear any silence. You can find yourself being shot a lot if you're not always looking around. You'll find alot of tight corners but mostly being an outdoor map, there are a few buildings to run in but they aren’t big enough to have a purpose of staying inside of. There's also a cliff edge you can run along but it seems someone’s always there waiting for an enemy to go that way.

War Mode Mission: Operation Supercharge

Now, i've play each of the war mode missions and as cool as they are they never really have me coming back after the first playthrough, but nevertheless I played Operation Supercharged and it was fairly good. You’ll play as both sides, one after the other and this mission consists of shooting the enemy while first waiting on supply drops, if successful you'll move on and attempt to blow up a bridge, and if you accomplish that you’ll move to the final faze, which is taking over the enemy areas and pulling their flags down to then replace them with your sides flag. When playing as the second team it's more about stopping the other team from getting the supply drops, and not being able to destroy the bridge or taking over your areas.

Nazi Zombies: The Tortured Path

This time around, United Front has a different format of Nazi zombies, instead of one large map that you’ll unlock doors and killing zombies, this one is broken up into 3 chapters. You’ll need to slay those Nazi’s to survive, complete very specific objectives then reach and complete the 10th wave in order to unlock the next two chapters, something that is quite difficult to pull off with others let alone by yourself.

The Tortured Path is the title of the latest Nazi Zombies mode, and I attempted to play alone and failed pretty early on, though jumping into a game with random players can be your only chance. In the first chapter you’ll not only need to just survive all 10 waves, you’ll need to go around obtaining zombie limbs as well as doing other specific actions, zombies has never being an easy mode to complete but if your in a game with someone who’s knowing what to do it becomes much easier.

Unlockable doorways might be absent, but buying weapons, revives and pack a punch are all still present. You’ll be able to use shotguns, pistols and SMGs as well as many other weapons you’ll be able to use. The Tortured Path also introduces players to a brand new ranking system, leveling up gains you damage boosts to make you more powerful against a range of different zombies, but with power comes unpredictable zombies.

Though each of the maps are small they flow nicely, from being outside or running through buildings to finding quick escape routes when your flooded with the undead.

My final thoughts for Call of Duty’s new DLC is it's great! The new zombies format really was something I enjoyed, it might be a one off but still, I loved it. The war mode operation was alright, nothing to go crazy over though, but besides the Nazi mode people are wanting new multiplayer maps and United Front delivers three great maps.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Activision, Treyarch
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer