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REVIEW: Chimparty (Playstation 4)

Written by CR34MY CR4Y0N
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Sony has dropped a number of new PlayLink titles on the Playstation 4, and I just so happen to review one of the funkiest ones titled "Chimparty". Playing Playlink titles requires either a smartphone or tablet, both Apple and Android have the Chimparty app free to download on their stores.

Each time you start up the game you’ll connect your device and be either a purple, blue, green or orange monkey. You’ll snap a selfie and once everyone’s ready, one player can select a game/mode. While playing you’ll earn stars which have a couple of purposes. The first is while playing on the Chimparty board game mode, they’ll be the amount of moves you can take, the other purpose is that once you reach a certain amount of stars you’ll be given a present. Clicking on it will unlock a random customising item to use on your monkey, once unlocked it's yours forever.

chimparty screen 03 ps4 en 29oct18 1540810380764

There isn’t much to playing any of the 18 mini games in Chimparty because your device only has the one button that serves many purposes, whether if it's tapping to jump or holding down to attempt to walk around. Some games you’ll need to hold the button down to build up enough to jump a good distance and you can jump left to right and boost with your fart gas.

Mini games are both free for all along with a number of team based games. My favorite games had you trying to paint the most out of an area, it's very similar to Splatoon. Another had you aiming to dunk yourself into a basketball hoop. For bonus points some mini games if you pick up coconuts or jump on a bongo to do a bongo time move gave extra points, but don't forget, these monkey can steal from each other, so don’t go ape when this occurs.

chimparty screen 04 ps4 en 29oct18 1540810380904

The game does mix things up visually as well, because playing the same levels over and over would be tragic so luckily there are themes such as Jungle, Alien, Wizard, Haunted and Pirate. You can also choose which themes the mini games are when making a custom game.

So what’s there to do for these four monkeys? Plenty... There are no monkeys on your back and there is 100% chance that everyone will monkey around while playing any of the four modes. There is a board game mode that can be either 2-4 players or playing solo challenge which only requires yourself to play. Both layouts are the exact same, you’ll move as many spots as you have earnt stars from games, most squares you’ll land on are mini games, but some are marked with a +3 or -3. If you land on either this just means you’ll move ahead 3 spaces more or back 3 spaces, and if another player lands on the same square as yourself they move to the next available square. When playing solo you’ll verse 3 other AI opponents but you’ll also be chased by a big orangutan and if he catches you it’s game over. Solo has three tiers starting at bronze, silver and gold but only bronze is playable, playing each will unlock the following tier.

chimparty screen 05 ps4 en 29oct18 1540810380617

Then there’s both random and custom modes that are near identical except custom lets you choose what games you want to play while random selects them for you and both can be played with 1-4 players. Some mini games across all modes can end within 2 minutes, when it comes to both board game and random modes they will take at least 10 minutes and as long as 30 minutes.

There are past Playlink games like Knowledge Is Power that were quite colourful, but Chimparty has an even brighter world with animations that put you inside the game that's full of fun and laughs. There are funky tunes to play along to, and when it's BONGO TIME! you’ll hear the sound of bongo drums being hit. Also these monkeys are cheeky and you can fart to boost in the air and that of course makes a funny sound that put my kids in stitches.

All Playlink titles are very enjoyable to play. Chimparty is a fun game and it's a game you can have your kids playing and no supervision is needed and it's not like they’ll need help playing either. So if you like the idea of putting down your normal Playstation controller and using a phone or tablet for a change why not try out Chimparty!

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: NapNok
  • Publisher: SIEE
  • Genre: Puzzle