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REVIEW: Claws Of Furry (Xbox One)

Written by StacefaceMayhem
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Ninjas and cats. I’ll say it again.... Ninjas and cats. Now let that sink in. I don’t know about you but I’d be damned if I can think of a better combination. I haven’t been as excited for a feline concept like this since the memes of cats with bread around their faces and while platformers are a staple amongst the gaming community, let’s roll like a fur ball into this unique adventure.

Claws of Furry developed by Terahard for Steam, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch, is an energetic platformer, that although is quite simple is full of character and spunk.

You play as none other than one of four elite cat ninja, and while you are a cute bundle of fur as any typical cat would appear to be, looks can be deceiving as you definitely have the flare and agility of a ninja. Abandoned on a doorstep and taken in by a furless sensei cat in his dojo, you are raised as a kitten and this is where you are taught the ways of being a masterful shinobi of the night, much like the relationship of the ninja turtles and splinter. One fateful day though your dojo is desecrated by your mortal enemies... the dogs. In their huge mech – like armour and with their gulliable rat minions in toe, they abduct your beloved senpai, leaving you to pick up the pieces and to finally prove yourself as a true feline warrior of the darkness.

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Claws of Furry has 3 modes; Arena, Rogue and Pussycat mode. Pussycat Mode is essentially like the story mode of the game. This is where you fight through levels of 4 unique environments. Dying will not reset you all the way back to the beginning of the game but thankfully only to the beginning of the level. The Arena is where I liked to practice and can be unlocked by completing chapter 1. In this mode you fight against waves of enemies, each increasing in difficulty. Rogue mode is one life, one mission. Test your true abilities and see how far you can travel using only one life. I recommend leaving this for the time you have mastered the game with confidence. Playing through a range of these also unlocks outfits, that doesn’t just make your character looks even more adorable, but adds in game skill perks such as double damage etc.

The gameplay is very simple, which to be honest is what you want from any platformer. Using your techniques such as simple claw attack, a super attack, jump, dodge and the bullet attack which upper cuts enemies into the air, you must trawl through the gritty, dark areas of the city tracking your mentor. Most levels require you to be the eliminator of waves of different types of enemy creatures, with each level ending with a boss fight. It has solid gameplay for a platformer except for the dodging which at times was sluggish in responsiveness. This can be frustrating with the at times, challenging boss battles being my only real concern as it slows down the decent, quick play style.

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This game has up to 4 player local coop and this is where the fun is at or in my case sometimes cringe worthy because I hate relying on people with conversations like “will you bloody dodge that attack already?’ starting arguments. Anyway, enough of my own flaws, all jokes aside, I actually had an enjoyable time with local coop as you can tell it was designed to be played that way. Even the trailer shows it mostly played with four players, as to be honest single player can be very unforgiving.

Critically, I had a few issues that niggled at my brain as I continued to play. Firstly, the lack of a skip button for cutscenes. Now while they weren’t long scenes, when you have died to the same boss multiple times these 10 to 20 seconds felt like a mocking slap to the face and would ruin the flow. Secondly, the writing on the screen is incredibly tiny, eye squinting in fact. Lastly, it is at times hard to distinguish your character on the screen when in the overwhelming waves of enemies, as each cat is so small just like their foes and often similar coloured. You do get used to it eventually but the first few stages it is hard to distinguish yourself until you realise you are dead.

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The art style of this game had me attentive straight away, as it literally looks like a 90’s cartoon, I would watch on a Saturday morning. Very reminiscent of the TMNT or Biker Mice From Mars, it sucks you in with its bold lines and bright, neon colours which starkly contrasts with the grungy, dark backgrounds. While the ninjas are quite basic I was impressed with how imaginative the enemies and bosses were with each having their own punk style, clothing and dare I say it, cute, little personality. It also has a lone modernised, oriental track through each environment, which drums in the fact that this game wanted to be simple but is deceptively not.

Overall, ‘Claws of Furry’ is a solid platformer that with a few irritating but trivial flaws. Despite these minor concerns it was actual quite an enjoyable, especially when fully utilising the four-player local co-op. All I can say is that thank god cats have nine lives because I certainly needed all of them. Happy platforming.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: XBOX ONE, Steam, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Terahard Ltd
  • Publisher: Terahard Ltd
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Indie