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REVIEW: Deadfall Tropics (Steam)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Get ready, to die, die and die again...

This is a very interesting title from Studio Jimothy. It has the old school look, feel and elements of Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones and Mario. Now, is that not a crazy mix?

You are Hank Hudson, you are accompanied by Jaroldo who gives you tips and advice as the game progresses. It is set in 1941 in the Pacific, with Hank fitting right in with his fashion style. The basis of the game is to get away from the Island as you are in a debt to some mean villains. I will not explain the intro level to the game as it sets the story, but it is fitting in the genre of adventure films such as Indiana Jones.

My comparison to Mario is the Map screen, when changing level. Top down and walking to each next part of the adventure. Within the beginning of the second level the story comes to light, showing your reason for being where you are and setting the characters background.

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This game is hard, and I mean hard. It is like Prince of Persia in the sense it is a platform game with traps and death everywhere with every movement. The developers have been very clever in the layout of the levels. They have predicted your possible locations when venturing forward and have traps and enemies to catch you out. You normally die to learn where to survive when you continue. You can awaken Totems that are used as checkpoints, but these are an adventure to get to themselves. The controls are simple, with directional controls, run, jump and shoot (Melee). But I feel like this was also a clever addition, as Jump is L+Shift and run is Z. So at times you confuse the too and that ultimately leads to your death. In accordance with the controls is your O2 (Stamina), if you use this at the wrong moments without resting to refill you end up missing your jump and falling into some nasty critters or traps.

As I said, this game is very hard but very clever in its development. You have a death counter, and within the first 10 minutes I had died 17 times. That is embarrassing to admit but it is a challenge and for the hardcore gamers out there that like a challenge, go for it!

It has a nice price tag and is a great first entry from Studio Jimothy. They have my respect for pulling of a challenging and great retro concept to the graphics and audio. I felt like I was in my early teens again, sitting in my boxers grinding till I get past that bit, you know that bit you can never do. I recommend people give this title a chance, feels like a great game for those wanting something familiar but different.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: Steam
  • Developer: Studio Jimoth
  • Publisher: Studio Jimoth
  • Genre: Indie, Action