Friday, 14 September 2018 13:41

REVIEW: Destiny 2 - Forsaken DLC (Xbox One)

Written by Dale Carter
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It feels good to be back in the boots of my guardian after a short break away from the game in preparation for Forsaken’s release which is finally here.

Jumping into the game you're greeted with a new screen projecting DESTINY 2 FORSAKEN which gives a nice fresh new look. The new triumph and collections system kicks in with two new tabs in the menu, triumphs tracks your character progression from campaign, destinations, events and crucible activities, while collections covers the items you've collected through out the game such as weapons, armour, vehicles and other loot with these systems earning you small rewards for completion of sets.

A new planet can also be seen in Destinations; Tangled Shore, and recommended power level is 330, so make sure you've powered up that armour first. The setting is a very dark and gritty prison planet filled with all previous enemies as usual and somewhat new ones.


Experimentally altered Fallen, the prison has a variety of open and very tight spaces to fight in very much fitting with the chaos themes along with a lot more fast action gameplay yet steady paced storyline and outstanding cinematic cutscenes then previously felt in the other expansions.

This campaign drew me in a lot more following Cayde and the events around his death making this a more immersed chapter then the last two, really pulling you in giving you more to his character and others by expanding the story and lore. After the events leading up to Caydes sudden demise, you must chase down and seek your revenge on Uldren Sov for what he has done and defeat him and his new Forsaken Army. Cayde being a fan favorite for many I think was the main focus of making this chapter enjoyable and yet more dramatic with the events that played throughout it.

The addition of newly added gear into the game from weapons, armour, vehicles and more, really expanding the amount of content you can collect and mix and match then ever before. They've increased the level cap from 30 to 50 so you can really get that nice powerful stuff to either stash away in your vault, dismantle for those resources or to just look super flashy while you're fighting in the crucible as you stop your opponents to dust.


Now with a few new things being introduced, "GAMBIT" this game type is hosted by a stranger called "The Drifter", the premise being a 4v4 Co-op with each team sent into a firefight against waves of enemies in there own arenas and to collect motes which are dropped by AI enemies and invaders (opposing players) as you fight. Using a set amount of motes on blockers summons a AI enemy of different levels on your opponent's arena and locking their bank until the enemy is defeated, this prevents the enemy team from depositing their motes and essentially preventing them from being able to summon their Primeval first.

But if that's not enough and you're looking for even more content, the Annual Pass comes with exclusive content only in select bundles of Forsaken, expanding the game with more weapons, armour and activitys set to release over a span of time, with Black Armory being first in 2018 the following with Jokers Wild and Penumbra in 2019.

Overall, the direction and content they've added into the game is really enjoyable, a lot of it feels well improved and draws me back into the game after the time away.

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  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action / Adventure