Thursday, 30 August 2018 15:44

REVIEW: ELO HELL (Steam Early Access)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Exato Games are bringing a game that pushes the normal boundaries of gaming, with some new and exciting ideas. This is the Seattle based Indie Game Studios goal with their future and previous projects such as Guncraft and Death Tractor.

ELO Hell (Pronounced E – L – O) is a term used in MOBA style games, meaning you are stuck at your current rank. The game itself starts off with a Prologue, yourself and friends are waiting in line for the release of a new game Echo Star. You have choices and actions you must take which alters your relationship with these people throughout the future game releases. As this will be released in monthly episodes, which in itself is a large but interesting task. The graphics are unusual, but interesting and fits the style well. My only negative would be the voice acting at times seems forced, but this is something that is not always the easiest to get right in the gaming world.

When beginning Echo Star you are sat at your computer and begin by speaking to your friends in a lobby, with more options and actions to action to build or destroy those relationships. It makes you feel unusual in the sense if you are a MOBA it is like playing fly on the wall style. Sitting outside yourself.

The game is strategy based, allowing you to scout the battlefield and placing your defences and allies in accordance with your play style. As there are many objectives to complete on each battlefield and it is up to you how best to approach this. Graphically it is a great effort and offers the typical style angles for a MOBA Genre. With twin stick style controls with abilities to match, they have also added controller support which is always a plus for twin stick.

It is a great effort if not unusual take on a game, it kept me intrigued about its future and will be one I will watch grow. Recommend MOBA, Strategy fans taking a look and seeing for themselves. As for a reviewer I am slightly stumped, I think the game will be a love hate relationship for some.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC
  • Developer: Exato Game Studio
  • Publisher: Exato Game Studio
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Indie