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REVIEW: Firewall: Zero Hour (Playstation VR)

Written by SuBZeRO2k
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Firewall: Zero Hour is a Playstation VR multiplayer first-person shooter developed by American studio First Contact Entertainment Inc.

Now, right off the bat it’s very clear the First Contact Entertainment was heavily inspired by Ubisoft’s tactical first-person shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. The beauty of it being in VR though is you’re able to peek in and out of cover and check around corners, all by moving your head just like you would in real life.

firewall zero hour screen 15 ps4 us 21may18

As for controls, even though Firewall: Zero Hour was designed with the Playstation VR Aim Controller in mind, you also have the option to use Sony’s weapon shaped accessory to place your Move controllers into. As for tracking, it’s pretty spot on and very accurate. If neither of those are your cup of tea, the trusty old DualShock 4 is also supported. My only issue with using the DualShock controller was the movement and game mechanics just didn’t feel natural.

You play as one of 12 in game military operators, all of which comes with a unique ability, such as faster healing, faster reloads or silent movement at slow speeds. As you play you’ll level up by earning cash and XP. The games ranking system lets you unlock additional perk slots along with a bunch of different cosmetic items for you character.

firewall zero hour screen 11 ps4 us 21may18

The gameplay is much the same as say Rainbow Six: Siege. Each round focuses around a laptop and a couple of firewall switches. The attacking team must attempt to turn off firewall switches and steal the data from the laptop, while the defending team does everything they can stop them. It’s pretty straight forward but games can get pretty intense. There are also no respawns, so once you’re dead, you’re out. Working as a team is very important like in Siege. Each game is limited to a single round. If you do happen to die early on, you’re then given the opportunity to help out your teammates by observing a camera feeds.

Outside of the main games single player content there isn’t much to do, though you can play through the same missions with up to four players to practice or train in, and is actually pretty cool.

So, is Firewall: Zero Hour just another run of the mill VR Shooter? Not at all. First Contact Entertainment has done a fantastic job with Firewall Zero Hour. It’s tactical combat works surprisingly well in VR on the Playstation 4.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PS4
  • Developer: First Contact Entertainment Inc.
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: FPS, Multiplayer, Action