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Written by Brett Hale
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Here's a retro looking game about a fox, his name isn’t Lucky though. This is a different fox, an entirely different game one that was fun throughout my entire play through.

Fox N Forests is a side scrolling game, you can go from left to right your able to back track if you choose. There are three difficulty options easy, normal and hard. Dipping into any of the three difficulties, the game can be a challenge at certain times more than others but it's a rather simple game that once you know the behaviours of enemies and how to use the world to your advantage it's a walk in the park to an extent. You’ll be able to jump, walk, melee attack and change the seasons of the mystical world the game in set in.

Potions and arrows are your main defence and there are a number of potions you can buy and use, along with a variety of arrows you can shoot. Now, as a side note, when shooting arrows you need to be standing still to use them. There are a number of levels you’ll play through and you’ll need to find specific items to progress to others.

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Now, the really rad thing about Fox N Forests is the ability to change the season at the drop of a hat, sure it's for a limited time, but once your time runs out the mana bar will regenerate which allows you to use it again fairly quickly. Even if the bar is quite small at the beginning it's enough for you to proceed with ease. The reason for changing seasons is to freeze water in order to walk on the ice to get somewhere you couldn’t before, but each season offers its own perks. Autumn/Fall will allow you to travel in the sky jumping from leaf to leaf. The transitions are quick and it’s nothing I’ve ever seen in any other game out.

There are plenty of enemies to take down and they all drop loot, it's this loot, or gold, you pick up that’s used to purchase items in the games hub. There is an armoury, magic shop and an upgrade booth and all stores require money. But, that's not all you’ll need to spend money on. Checkpoints will also require money and if your out of money or just a pure tightass death will put you at the beginning of the level. Each store caters for specific items, from potions and weapon upgrades to upgrading health and your mana bar length.

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This is a retro fest of a game, these 16 Bit 2D visuals are an old format but it's quickly forgotten once your running around killing and moving from one level to the next. The HUD shows your health hearts, gold obtained from fallen foes and weapons to use (potions and arrows) Also shown is your mana bar that’s specific for the amount of time you have to change the seasons. As for the soundtrack it's fitting, the retro visuals matched with retro 90’s mystical sounding music, the odd sound of arrows hitting enemies and other sound effects.

This game was surprisingly good, I very much enjoyed it. The 16 Bit visuals looked cool, and shows even in 2018 that visuals don't always have to look realistic. The replayability is totally there and most levels require a second playthrough. This is a game that could drawn all types of gamers and is friendly enough for the younger generation to play.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Bonus Level Entertainment, Independent Arts Software
  • Publisher: EuroVideo Medien
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Indie