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PREVIEW: Green Hell (Steam Early Access)

Written by Kevin Lal
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Hell has never looked so beautiful.

Creepy Jar are a new independent Survival Simulator Games Developer from Warsaw in Poland. Built up from a team of veterans in the field, bringing over their expertise and know how in game development. They have worked on several titles in the past, most notably Dying Light, Dead Island, Witcher 2, Silent Hill: Downpour and many more. With this experience can they give us a new a refreshing survival simulator that can stand alone in this current genre and market?

Green Hell is based around a character called Dr. Jake Higgins, he has returned to the island with his partner Mia to approach a tribe. They have a relationship with them that they feel needs mending after Dr. Higgins released a book based on the long-lost tribe and their traditions. This has caused a split in the tribe; one side would like to help Dr. Higgins and the other would not like to be brought into this new age. I will not spoil too much of the background, but it shows a lot of promise. Within this early access you only get a taster of the story, as the full build will be available once it leaves early access. This leaves you to explore the survival mode of the title once finished.


You begin with your trusty backpack, notebook and watch, the watch holds all your vital levels, compass and time and date. You are thrown in the deep end, as the landscape as much as it is beautiful is full of danger. This is where the true test is, you are now left to your devices to learn and survive this in-depth location. Green Hell brings in some new and totally brilliant elements to the survival genre. You can inspect your body limbs for injuries and nasty insects that can cause you harm. You can tend to these wounds if you have learnt the relevant crafts, but this is also where your notebook is very useful.

As well as learning crafts, you can learn a lot about the environment and what is available to you in the wilderness. Another new element is the inventory screen, where you are shown a view of your backpack that you can rotate and see what you have collected and the space available to you. To me this added a more in depth feel to the game, you feel you are more in control of what you are carrying and able to understand what you can and can not carry.


The game is stunning, graphically for an early access it is a welcoming sight. From the greenery to the wildlife and rivers it all adds to the atmosphere of being lost in the jungle. My only negative thing with the build as it stands, is some of the sound effects feel as though they have not been mastered fully and sound out of place. But as we know with all early access this can be tweaked and improved along the process. So, my review, will be a review in progress. The actions in motion look amazing, from chopping down trees with your machete and seeing the chunks come lose to the animations of a fallen tree.

As with all survival games it is a learning curve, understanding what is available to you to craft and what resources you will need to complete this. This adds another element that I enjoyed, for example. You place down the diagram of a camp fire in the location you wish, then it will state what objects you will need to add to the fire to complete it. Once complete, you will also need to make your own ignition. This involves going back to basics and using a tinder such as a bird nest and two sticks to cause friction. I cannot say enough how accomplished you feel in Green Hell when you craft some of the most technical items and see them in the flesh.


The controls seem technical at first, but it clicks within seconds how to use the interface and feels smooth and well produced. Feels right at home on keyboard and mouse, allowing for drag and drop when crafting and amending your inventory. You can use the right mouse button on items to see further actions, such as harvest. This is useful if you need small sticks but have a normal stick or large, you can strip them down in size.

Green Hell is a survival game to watch, I am very impressed by what has been brought to the table. It is in early access as I have stated several times, so it has missing elements such as full story, but this will be in full release. So, I will continue to watch and play this title and update my review accordingly. One factor that is seen as a negative is that it is solo play, but for this title it seems the right move to go alongside what we know so far of the story. I am happy to have a solo survival but feel this could be a turning point for some. We may never know, in the future it might be brought in. Developers do listen and try and give an experience best matched to their audience.

Additional Info

  • Review Score: So Far... 4.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now - Steam Early Access
  • Platform: Steam
  • Developer: Creepy Jar
  • Publisher: Creepy Jar
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Indie, Early Access