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REVIEW: Jack Quest: The Tale of The Sword (Nintendo Switch)

Written by Brett Hale
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Blowfish Studios are one of only a few Australian publisher/developers and they last did both for their Storm Boy game, though with JackQuest they only published it, while NX Games did the development. I know very little about NX Games, but if this game is anything to go by, they might be a company to keep an eye on.

The story for JackQuest begins on one very fateful night, Jack is with his girl Nara who both are on a walk through the woods, (which wouldn’t be my first choice but maybe I watch too many horror films) and while on their walk, Nara is kidnapped by the villain of the game who’s known as Korg. This begins Jacks quest which takes him down to the lair of Korg. His quest is to save Nara and take down Korg and have a happy ending all fairy tales have.

JackQuest is on all current-gen platforms except IOS and Android, and it's not much to purchase. It’s mostly a platformer with a little action/adventure to go with it. Sadly, this is just a single player game, but it's a great single player game. Playing is made very easy due to minimal controls, but there is no difficulty option which can cause a challenge or two in all boss battles.

JackQuest 01

You’ll begin the game with nothing, but soon you’ll pick up a hefty sized sword and if I’m being honest, it sounds like a dog barking when you swing it. Moving is just left to right, up and down. Jumping is often needed to reach other platforms, and when you need to jump downwards standing close to the edge will sort of pan the camera down however, I found this really didn’t show me enough and it was a gamble that I’d not land on something like spikes or on top of an enemy.

When you reach a point where a wall it just too high to jump up to you’ll need to mash the jump button to climb it, if two walls are close enough you can bounce between the two, but either way gives the same outcome of reaching the top.

JackQuest 03

The boss battles are the hardest part of the game because they require a lot of moving around to evade oncoming attacks and you can only attack them when they’re most vulnerable. Fight them enough and you’ll soon see their pattern which never changes.

When running and jumping around it's advised not to be carefree because you have many dangers lurking around you. Whether it be spiders that spit web balls at you, or the green/blue slime blobs and sharp spikes that’ll impale you. Anything that's on fire also won’t do you any good to touch. Your only defense is to either run and hope for the best or to use your weapons consisting of either a sword or bow, special attacks are a quicker way to defeat enemies, but they require blue gems which are found in and around the game. You’ll just need to hit them with your weapon to collect them, special attacks also help a lot in boss battles.

JackQuest 02

Dying will happen, and it can get rather frustrating! Thankfully save points are found often and upon dying, you shouldn’t be far from where you left off (hopefully) These points are large stones that will auto save once you walk past them, but you can come back to them at any time and manual save if you have done a lot but not seen another save point.

Having my review copy for the Nintendo Switch, I can confidently say it looks and performs great when playing in docked or handheld modes. It also seems that the pro controller is compatible, which seems to be the norm for most games coming out, now hopefully in future reviews I don't need to always mention that.

Pixel art is on the rise even in 2019, JackQuest is very detailed even with the pixel art. It's a colorful game that shows a lot of depth even though it's a 2D game. The HUD displays coins you have collected, it also shows your health and gems and of course whichever weapons you currently have.

I’m a sucker for a good platformer, they fill a spot in my gaming heart and JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword didn’t disappoint! Its easy gameplay kept me entertained. Reaching the boss battles had me a tad on edge until I took them down. But overall this game was a blast.

1. Great platformer
2. Easy to play
3. Addictive

1. Boss battles
2. No difficulty options

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: NXgames
  • Publisher: Blowfish Studios
  • Genre: 2D, Action