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REVIEW: LEGO Harry Potter Collection (Xbox One)

Written by CR34MY CR4Y0N
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LEGO games are fun no matter if your from a younger or older generation. Fans of Harry Potter can now enjoy playing not just on Playstation 4 but on both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in a collection that features years 1-7.

No matter what LEGO game you’re playing they all consist of the same elements, collecting studs, discovering and earning gold and red bricks along with other collectables all while following a story arc. You don’t need to have seen the films to play these games, but if you have you’ll notice that each game follows parts of each film. You’ll solve puzzles and play as a variety of characters across all years and most importantly you’ll use magic!!!

Difficulty isn’t really an issue, it's a one size fits all sort of game, knowing very well that younger kids will be playing these means there very easy to complete. If you get stuck anywhere in the game it's just a matter of looking what’s around and trying everything until you pass that point. There are boss battles at the end of each year and you’ll need to take that enemy down until all their hearts have gone. There are other fights that take place early on throughout all years as well but they aren't difficult. Each year spans across 6 chapters. Completion time is all over the place when it comes to completing years 1-4 or 5-7 as it will depend on how you take these games on. Are you just wanting to smash out the story, or are you a gamer who has to do everything just to brag how great you’re at LEGO games? So either can take 9 to 15 hours give or take.

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All LEGO titles allow you to play as multiple characters, and as you complete chapters you’ll unlock a free play mode which allows you to replay chapters. When you play free play an even bigger choice of characters are able to be used, as long as you have them unlocked of course. You’ll obviously play as Harry, but also Ron and Hermione but there is a long list of others, some you’ll have loved from the films others not so much, the choice is yours. If you find yourself lost and unsure where to go simply look out for blue arrows near or above doorways. You’ll sometimes see ghosts that’ll direct you to the right direction as they’ll leave ghost stud trails to follow.

Harry Potter was and still remains a highly successful movie series and due to its success it was a no brainer to make the films into a LEGO format. The first games were LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 first released in 2010 on Xbox 360, PS3 and other older platforms, a year later LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 released on those same platforms and did quite well. Now fast forward to 2016 which was when both collections combined into one on the Playstation 4, that’s right they managed to forget about Xbox and other platforms, but it's now 2018 and well I guess they thought it was about time for gamers that don’t own a Playstation 4 to have the choice to experience it, big thanks to Warner Bros and Traveller’s Tale for finally making it happen!

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Back in 2010-2011 these very same LEGO games looked good for their time, but the LEGO Harry Potter Collection on Playstation 4 looked even better, I believe it achieved 1440p resolution and ran a smooth 60fps on the Pro console and now having it also on Xbox One the game has gone a step further on Xbox. Playing on Xbox One X will pump this game out at a Native 4K resolution and believe me this game looks so damn superior running on Xbox One X, mind you I also tested both games on my Xbox One S and it also looked good but if your an Xbox One X owner you’ll have a better quality game.

Now did I notice any frame rate issues? The answer is no, it's a remaster that really performed well. This is really an untouched game, the only true difference is resolution. Image quality is good, just like most if not all LEGO games they always come off bright and colourful, which makes sense because even though I’m forever treading on my kids LEGO I still wonder how I do because it's just so damn bright. Something that hasn’t changed was things to do with audio. Now for the past couple of years LEGO games have had voice acting, but back when these classics were created LEGO hadn’t quite got to the quality it currently exceeds in. So you’ll still only hear those awful grunts and groaning sounds when characters are communicating with each other.

Even though I was an owner of the Playstation 4 version, I still always wanted to play this collection on my Xbox One, as did my kids, and finally our prayers were answered. The resolution bump is a plus for Xbox One X owners, but it’s a treat still on Playstation 4. If you happen to only own a Nintendo Switch your in luck, though switch is at the bottom of the 3 with visuals and general quality. It’s in my opinion that if you like or shall I say love LEGO games or Harry Potter how can you give up the opportunity?

Additional Info

  • Review Score: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Action / Adventure, Puzzle