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REVIEW: Mega Man 11 (Xbox One)

Written by Melekharn
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A few years ago I worked in an arcade. It wasn’t a job that was going to lead anywhere, but I fondly remember standing behind the counter just listening to the sounds and music streaming out of every system in the building, and the laughter and excitement of the kids playing their favourites. And then the young women flirting with me in the hopes I would offer them a prize they didn’t have enough tickets to purchase... Oh the memories!

In true arcade fashion, Mega Man 11 by Capcom opens with a bold starting screen, upbeat and exciting music and the anime art style so dearly loved by fans that it will leave you feeling like you need to push some gaming tokens into the console to start playing.

Mega Man 11 follows a similar game style to its predecessors (and most action platform games for that matter) where the player is required to complete a number different levels, each with their own unique challenges. The biggest change introduced in this latest instalment is the “Double Gear” system. If you spent the time in the start menu, you will have seen the anime stills that explains Dr. Wily’s latest attempt at seizing power. By tapping either of the controller’s bumper buttons, you’ll be able to activate one of the two “Gear” upgrades you receive before the game even begins.

The new “Speed Gear” changes how the game plays significantly by slowing down everything except for Mega Man himself. This has allowed games developers to change the way levels are created and how you can deal with enemies. You’ll now encounter disappearing platforms, enemies that shield themselves until they are ready to strike and entire level sections that move too quickly to navigate under normal circumstances. As a result, developers have been able to go to town with stage and enemy designs that have added a significant length and challenge to the game.

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I found the new “Power Gear” to be a little less useful. As with every other Mega Man game, each boss will have its own weakness and as you progress through the stages you’ll find them easier to complete. The “Power Gear” will give your weapons a small upgrade on top of what they can already do. Your standard version of Mega Man will fire shots more rapidly or unleash a double blast when charged up, while Bounce Man’s Bounce Ball blaster on the other hand will have Mega Man launching three bouncing balls out each side of his body.

Mega Man 11 boasts eight different stages before you’ll finally come up against Dr. Wily himself. Each stage offers a unique theme players will need to adapt to. Torch Man will have players fumbling around in the dark or running from a pillar of flames as they push through the level; Blast Man will have you scrambling over platforms a fraction of a second before they explode. The most frustrating level I found was Bounce Man’s, where almost every surface will act as though it’s the blue repulsion gel from Portal 2. Each will offer you a distinct challenge that makes each stage feel a whole lot more complex than just running, jumping and shooting. As you complete each level, you’ll gain access to a special weapon that borrows an ability from the stage’s end boss. These make the “Power Gear” almost useless as each boss suffers a weakness against one of the abilities you’ll unlock. Even then, I found spamming Bounce Ball sufficient to defeat almost any boss I came across.

While Mega Man 11 doesn’t really offer players anything new to the series, the longer levels and new challenges on offer will have returning players feeling nostalgic, while new players will have to hone their skills and make use of old school techniques and develop patience, something a lot of current generation games are forgetting. If you’re looking to get back to basics, play something that feels like the classics and you want your house to sound like a video game arcade, Mega Man 11 by Capcom is the game for you. Just don’t expect anyone to flirt with you for prizes they can’t afford.

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  • Review Score: 3.5 / 5.0
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genre: Action, Misc