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REVIEW: Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 (Xbox One)

Written by Brett Hale
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This isn’t the first time a collection like this has been on console, back track to 2006 and you would have been able to play the first 6 games on Playstation 2 and GameCube.

Capcom has refreshed Mega Man X with a totally new collection of the first 8 games for the current generation of consoles. Now, this isn’t the first time that some of these Mega Man games have been on current gen consoles, the ones before these were titled Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2. The subtle difference is Capcom adding an X to these new titles, and the other difference is the first version for Legacy Collection 2 included Mega Man 9 and 10.

These collections are broken into two games, the first collection showcases Mega Man 1-4, while collection 2 has games 5-8. Each game can be changed to either the US or Japanese version, which will change the game title to either Mega Man or Rock Man.

Spanned across all games you can have a range of difficulties, from easy, normal, hard and extreme, these can be very challenging games, especially if you aren’t use to old games such as these. Difficulty can be changed but on top of that you can turn on Rookie Hunter mode, which makes the games much easier. This is an option you can set separate for each game and can be turned off or back on at anytime, even if your half way through a game.

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Playing Mega Man doesn't take much skill, it's running around shooting all while jumping and climbing walls and taking on normal enemies as well as the big boss fights. You’ll also play as more than one character across all games in these two fully packed collections.

Visuals for both collections aren’t anything on the level of most games these days, but they are still enjoyable to play. You can choose screen aspect ratios 16:9 and 4:9, 16:9 will take out the edges of the screen slightly, I liked playing 4:9 but this will depend what you like the most. If you do play with two of the 4:9 options you won’t need to see black bars, as there are several Mega Man wallpapers that can replace the black bars around your games screen all which look pretty nice, but your focus is mostly on the game itself. Choice of screen filters is also something you can change freely, CRT filter, clear, and one that shows more pixels on the game, you’ll have to take Mega Man 7 and 8 from those settings as their visuals are totally different from the other games having 3D visuals instead, there the two best looking out of all 8 games.

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All extras for both collections 1 & 2 are much the same, a museum that shows some pretty awesome cartoon drawings, it's here you can also check out soundtracks for all games and the best part is the product gallery that showcases Mega mMn toys, cards, action figures and more.

I’ve never been much of a Mega Man fan, so I’m a little puzzled about the versions of Legacy Collection 1 and 2 that were released in 2015/2017, the only real change in these new versions is the fact they don’t include Mega Man 9 and 10. Fan’s of Mega Man might have the knowledge if this is worth the purchase, but from someone like me who’s only just played Mega Man for the first time, I can only go from what I’ve played, and if you're into the 2D pixel visual games this might just be for you. The last two games, being 7 and 8 have 3D visuals that I liked the most, not just because of the visuals but the gameplay just felt better.

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